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Smart Bro FlexiTime Review

Last summer, I was happy to have purchased the Smart Bro pocket Wi-Fi through the Smart online store. The device was very handy during our Palawan trip

But with the unlimited surf promo no longer available, I had to avail of what's presently offered when I traveled to our home town during the semestral break for elementary and high school students; my daughter being a grade schooler now. 

Smart Bro FlexiTime

The Surf Max should have been a better offer but it wasn't available until October 31. So I ended up subscribing to FlexiTime. I tried Flexitime 50 just to try how it goes but I was surprised to discover that the supposed 7 hours didn't last 4 hours of usage. I researched and read several similar complaints from other users. I know I was using web data for video streaming and the activity does consume more data as compared with other Internet related activities, but then again, the promo isn't data based but time based. 

But I had no Smart mobile phone to contact them. I didn't bother sending an email nor posting a message on their social media pages either. Instead, I subscribed to the Flexitime 30 just to get by with 4 more hours until morning. At least, this one seems accurate enough in terms of hours usage.

Since the broadband at home (it's also from Smart by the way, now called PLDT Home Bro) was down after typhoon Lando and repair wasn't scheduled yet, I had to extend subscription the following day through the Flexitime 100. I wasn't personally the one using it so I didn't get to track how long it lasted.

As for Internet speed, it's definitely nothing close to the broadband version but it can definitely be a good substitute in case of emergency web connection needs such as travel or when your usual Internet source is down. 

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