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Short Scary Stories for Halloween

Since it's All Saints Day today and All Souls Day tomorrow, let me share stories I originally posted in the popular forum PinoyExchange (some parts edited for this post):

Short Scary Story for Halloween
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My High School Friend

The only scary story that I will never forget was back in college. It was the first semester and I kinda missed my closest high school friends so I thought of writing them letters. Email and text weren't that popular yet at the time although I already use the Internet and I did had a cellphone back then (don't ask what model, just think Jurassic brands :). I actually planned on writing them sooner but I kept postponing it until one night I finally forced my lazy self to write. All envelopes sealed. 

It was past midnight for sure and out of nowhere, I felt a weird, creepy kind of wind blew past me which gave me chills (the scared kind of chill). It was followed by some unusual scent. It smelled nice like a flower or perfume of some sort. But I don't know anyone who wears such scent. One of those closest friends I wrote a letter for came to mind all of a sudden and I wondered why.

The next day, a Sunday, I found out through our fellow classmates who attended the same church I did that the person who came to mind the night before died around the same time I remembered her. She died in a hospital due to acute ulcer. I recall that she had always been eating unhealthy in high school. She doesn't eat a lot and often, her lunch consisted of crackers and soft drinks although sometimes the crackers were omitted. It was sad to hear a dear friend die from just an ulcer. 

I didn't really believe in ghost stories before that. I was active in a church that belie such beliefs. But even if I had doubts, I've always wondered if it was my classmate's soul dropping by that night. 

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3 AM Witching Hour

Many believe that 3 AM is the witching hour. This is because it is the reverse of 3 PM when Jesus Christ was believed to have died from the cross. This time is allegedly where dark forces are strong, some even call it the devil's hour since Jesus was tempted by Satan during the same time and 12 hours later (3PM), Christ died. 

Speaking of 3 AM, I'm usually awake during such time all the way till morning (like 6 AM to 8 AM or even later) due to the nature of my work. 

While working when everyone else is fast asleep, there were several instances when something caught the corner of my eye (on my left). Everytime, it's appears to be a shadowy or black 'thing' running as if coming from the back going to the front and I see it from the corner of my eye. I will instinctively look at that direction but of course, there's nothing there so I simply dismiss what I thought I saw into nothing but a mere product of my imagination. I assure myself that I'm just fooling around so I resume work in front of the computer. Each time this happens, I check the time on my laptop's clock. It's always around 3 AM something.

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