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Melona is More than a Melon Ice Pop

Beat the summer heat with a cooling ice pop like Melona. But don't get fooled by its name. Melona is more than a melon flavored popsicle. It's also available in other flavors like honeydrew melon, banana, mango, and strawberry.


I've only discovered this treat recently through a Puregold store. It was a hot weekday morning while taking care of this year's SSS premium contributions. That specific Puregold strategically placed a mini-ice cream freezer close to the cashier counter so I scanned the cooler for ice cream. Melona caught my eye due to the Korean label. Might as well give it a try, so I thought. 

I fell instantly in love with the strawberry variant so I thought of trying all other flavors next time. 

Although I've only had a taste of this treat lately, it's actually a hit since the 90's in various countries worldwide.

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