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Showing posts with label summer. Show all posts

Beat the Summer Heat in Seagull Mountain Resort

11:44 AM 0
If you want to escape the extreme heat and the noise of the city without even spending much, why not go to Seagull Mountain Resort in Buda...

5 Major Ways to Earn Money during School Vacation + 18 Bonus Summer Job Ideas

2:18 PM 1
Now that the school year ended, it means that you are literally counting days again before the start of the regular allowance, and we’re...

Enjoy The Summer Through These 10 Life-Saving Hacks

1:53 PM 0
The prickling heat is on and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. Welcome to Summer, 2016!  If you are looking for ways survive the s...

Magnolia Best of the Philippines Ice Cream Collection

1:49 PM 0
Here's our last hurrah for summer gone by, roughly translated, "huling sigaw sa tag-araw." Check out Magnolia's Best of...

Funtime in Isla Reta Beach Resort

2:39 PM 0
Summer is definitely here in the Philippines. The sun is scorching hot, the air is humid and most of all, no school classes for kids. Wh...
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