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The Best Eyebrows You'll Ever Have at the Brow Studio

the brow studio
If you're looking for professional brow shaping or brow enhancement services, try The Brow Studio. 

I haven't been bothered with plucking or shaving my brows since I stopped working in an office setting since a few years ago. I usually just drop by salons, parlors, and even at Watson's (there's free shaving when you purchase a brow shaver product) every few weeks. 

I am often satisfied with the result from such places but never as happy as I was with the professional brow services from The Brow Studio. 

The new SM BF Parañaque branch is very relaxing inside. The attendants are also very friendly and accommodating. The overall experience during the entire service is a pampering and relaxing one. You're guaranteed the best pair of eyebrows you'll ever have after the session (which doesn't last longer than 30 minutes) is over. 

Services Offered 

If it's your first time, I'd recommend the Brow Definition service to get perfectly shaped eyebrows that matches your facial shape. The Brow Shade Tune-up is ideal every 2-4 weeks in order to maintain the defined brow shapes on the other hand. 

Take a look at the menu above for a complete list of their services and prices.

For branches, contact details, and more information about the Brow Studio, see 

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