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Antipolo Cathedral Visit from Metro Manila

Antipolo Cathedral
For those whose days start at night or late in the afternoon in Metro Manila, you can still catch a mass at the Antipolo Cathedral during traffic less weekends. Mass schedule is extended as late as 8PM. 

From home, south of the metro, we left at 5PM and made it midway through the 6PM mass. It would help to know the ins and outs of the metro for shortcuts as well as the directions in Rizal. We actually had to ask passers by and motorists several times for directions. There were also numerous one way lanes at the city proper which made it more challenging.

Amidst the summer heat, it was drizzling up in Antipolo. Like other mountainous areas such as Baguio City and Tagaytay, the weather is a bit unpredictable there too. 

There is not enough parking space as well but you can park your vehicle for free at the nearby mall Victory Park and Shop where you'll find numerous shops, stores, and restaurants. See for more details of what stores and shops are located inside the mall.

A pasalubong center is also located nearby, just outside the mall. 

The Antipolo Cathedral houses the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage or the Immaculate Conception of Antipolo. 

An architectural wonder, the roof

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is elevated and encased above the altar

It was only a regular Sunday night mass but there were numerous attendees. Expect a bigger crowd during special events like Holy Week
For mass schedule, see this site (schedule may vary without notice). 

See Antipolo Cathedral on Facebook at . 

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