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Top 5 Failures You Should Avoid When Living in College Dormitories

          One thing is sure, incoming college students are really excited to have their first day not only in school but with their day’s ahead living in college dormitories.  It feels like a bird freed out of a cage.  The excitement will rub all other emotions sp there is a huge tendency that these freshmen might forget what’s important.  Being away from families or relatives will deprive them of some warning bells on what to do and what not to do.  Thus, here are the top five things that you as a college freshmen should not do while living in college dormitories.

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1. Failure to bring personal hygiene and medical kit

Do not presume that your room mate will have lots of shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, and other bare necessities.  The question is, are they kind and generous enough to let you use their personal things? More so, if you are on some sort of drug maintenance situation.  You should not scare nor make your roommates worry when you have health problems.

2. Failure to equip with security essentials and other tools

From time to time, you might have some repairing to do such as adjusting screws in your bed, unlocking your gadgets, changing batteries for flashlights, charging your electronic gadgets or mobile, packing and taping your personal things, and others.  It will be a hassle for your room mates when you borrow their own tools and other related items. 

3. Failure to respect privacy and space

You might be a good conversationalist, thoughtful, and caring, but it doesn’t mean that you have the right to ask dorm mates personal matters which they are not comfortable to share with you yet; much more, snooping on their belongings and spying on them.  Please refrain from borrowing personal items like clothes too.  How would you feel if the same things are done unto you?

4. Failure to set rules and get along well with your room mates

One of the things that roommates quarrel about includes complaining on each other’s faults and behaviors.  From the start, you and your roommates should discuss and clarify matters like rules on accepting visitors, cleanliness, room decorations, and adornments for example.  In this way, you will not be bad mouthed behind your back but will gain their respect instead.

5. Failure to be broad minded

You are living with someone whom you know nothing about at all.  Your roommate might have the opposite characteristics with that of yours; thus, you have to understand his or her oddities, views, opinions, and mindset. Do not impose your personal bias and prejudices. Much more, do not let these things be an issue for both of you.  Respect towards individuality is essential when you live away from home.

          Look at it this way, living in college dormitories is a stepping stone towards developing personal skills which you might need when you graduate from college and work your way on your career. Make a good start and you will reap good benefits from your experiences in dealing positively with your roommates.

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