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5 Major Ways to Earn Money during School Vacation + 18 Bonus Summer Job Ideas

2:18 PM 1
Now that the school year ended, it means that you are literally counting days again before the start of the regular allowance, and we’re...

Do Texting and “Cyber Slang” Harm Students’ Writing Skills?

1:17 AM 0
Introduction Texting has become part of our daily communication routines, from simple Hello’s to lengthy messages and chats. In an era ...

Smart Social Media Tips for Students

11:51 AM 0
    photo by Anthony Quintano /Flickr There's nothing more impressing than millennial students with their capability and potenti...

Top 5 Failures You Should Avoid When Living in College Dormitories

6:30 AM 0
          One thing is sure, incoming college students are really excited to have their first day not only in school but with their day’...
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