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Mindanao Profile: Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, Will He Be the Next President of the Philippines?

Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte is a popular political figure in the Philippines due to his unconventional ways of solving societal problems.  Because of his no holds barred attitude, he encountered several verbal tussles from heads of different government agencies like the Department of Justice and Commission on Human Rights.  His brazen attitude towards criminals and other social evils earned him high admiration and respect from people from all walks of life in different regions of the country.  As the political environment in the country becomes bleak in terms of leadership, the idea of Mayor Duterte to become the next President of the Philippines suddenly becomes a welcome idea. 

Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte Next President Philippines
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According to those who want him to run as president, he possesses all the ingredients of a strong and effective leader such as:

·     Being a lawyer himself, his qualification is comparable with another great president of the republic; former President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Because of his extensive knowledge of the law, he knows the legal boundaries of his unconventional actions and knows how to defend non-traditional ideas. 

·     He had a good track record as an excellent mayor and in fact, some of his strategies were not only admired but were copied in different areas in the country such as:

o    Comprehensive anti-smoking campaign
o    Reducing criminality
o    Weeding out drug pushers and drug syndicates
o    Enforcing peace and order strategies
o    Implementing economic fundamentals

As a result, Davao City is declared as one of the most child friendly cities in the world, one of the safest places to live in the planet, and one of most economically developed urban cities in the word as few examples of his achievements. 

·         His reputation as a strong and accomplished leader spreads around the world and he was even nominated in Best Mayor of the world. 

However, until this time, the mayor himself is not receptive with the idea of running for the top position in the country.  He said that it is not for him and is contented by just being a mayor of Davao City.  However, more people are convinced that he is up to the challenge; thus, signature campaigns were instituted to convince him to run for president. 

Will he be the next president of the country?  This question has lots of answers.  Winning the presidency can be attributed to many factors like voting influence for example.  Mindanao as whole is not considered as bailiwick. There is no such thing as Mindanao vote.  It also depends on his political rivals.  If there are other candidates of equal calibre, then it will be a neck to neck battle. There are no guarantees. Remember the FPJ situation; his immense popularity did not prepare him for graft ridden election. 

So, will he be the next president? Some people are praying for that. Many are hoping and will campaign for him when he decides to do so.  All it needs is for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to accept the challenge and hope that he is the Messiah of Philippine Politics. 

Contributed by Alden I. Bula

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