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Safeguarding Your Children From Possible Sexual Assaults

                      It is disturbing that for the last few weeks, we have seen news of girls as young as 7 years old gang-raped, murdered and were just dumped somewhere mercilessly.

                Parents’ main responsibility is to safeguard their children from possible child molestation or rape. In relation to that, it is best to exert more effort in initiating awareness of the dangers that await within the community.

                Here are some steps that you can do to help your children be aware of sexual assaults and to protect them from perpetrators.

safeguard your children from possible sexual assaults
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Communicate Openly

                As early as possible, introduce to your kids the different body parts, specially their private parts. You can coin a name that refers to their genital parts to make it comfortable to discuss. Let them understand that there are certain parts that are safe to touch and some which aren't. Also, let them know which part needs to be exposed and which ones need to be covered. Educate them about sexual touches for them to differentiate those touches that make them anxious, scared and uncomfortable.

Stranger Danger

                It is very helpful for you and your child to have a password that can easily be remembered to prevent your kid from going anywhere with a stranger. Make it clear to your kid about the dangers of talking to strangers unless they are with adults that they trust. Also, teach your kids to always be in a group or in a crowded area and as much as needed, to avoid being alone where strangers can easily approach him/her.

Make a Fuss, Be Alert at all Times

                Contrary to popular belief, sexual molesters are not at all times dirty, evil-looking,  old, ugly or will just assault pretty girls. You’ll never know. There are even instances that the suspects are known to the victim ( relatives, family members, etc.) It is best to teach  your child to be vigilant at all times and to make a fuss out of any approaches that make your kid uncomfortable. They should easily distinguish rules that they have to follow and those that they don’t have from condescending adults.

   You cannot be with your children at all times. With proper knowledge of the subject, open communication and teaching them to be vigilant at all times will lessen the risks. It is good to empower your kids to be responsible about their own safety to avoid any possible sexual assaults.

 Jessie Dericto, 28 years old, is a Freelance Writer, Blogger, Virtual Assistant and a nursing mom. If she is not doing anything, she either spends time with her family or doing something artsy.

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