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My Experience Shopping through

I’ve always been intrigued by ads of over Facebook so I decided to give it a try recently. There is a specific type of product I wanted to search for and it’s a luck that the site is offering it. I then purchased and registered an account for follow up.

Supposedly, there’s an option to choose your payment method but I didn’t get to try such. The purchase was automatically set to COD or cash on delivery. The order is supposed to be processed and delivered within 1-5 business days for Metro Manila.

Lazada Philippines

Order Status Per Day at Lazada 


Since I ordered on a Friday night, there’s nothing else I can do but wait. While waiting over the weekend, I anxiously kept on checking the order status. I even thought of purchasing the item through an actual seller for meet up or next day delivery through popular site (now But I decided to just wait for 5 business days and give the site a chance although I was already worried after reading numerous negative reviews online. Good thing that at least didn't pay via credit card.


Saturday, the order status changed and they are currently working on fulfilling the order, most likely checking on stocks although the item page showed “in stock.” 


There was no update for Sunday. 


Monday, it showed that the item is being processed on their fulfillment center. I also called their hotline (02)7958900 and was promised that the product will be sent no later than Thursday. I also received an email survey for the agent for which I positively responded. 


Tuesday at around 1 AM, I received an email and text message confirming that the item had been shipped but the actual delivery will be within 1-2 days after. In case I’m away, I should endorse the payment, an ID, and an authorization letter or if not, a printed copy of the email confirmation. 


Although I went out a couple of times during that week, the delivery person incidentally dropped the item when I was luckily at home on Wednesday.

My Experience Shopping through
some sections erased for privacy

In summary, this is what transpired during the whole process:

Friday – ordered at night and shows being verified on the order tracking page
Saturday – status shows ‘currently working on fulfilling order’
Sunday – none
Monday – order being processed at fulfillment center, called in to verify
Tuesday – confirmation email and text at 1 AM saying the item had been shipped
Wednesday – item received

Technically, it took 3 business days to complete the entire process with Friday night not included. The package was shipped by 2GO and came with the order details and a return form. I have no intention of returning the product. 

I’ve also noticed that the item was actually from a shop where I was also planning to buy the product in case Lazada didn’t work out. Did they purchase the item from this shop or is it their supplier? I have no idea. (Update: is comprised of authorized shops from various dealers).

All in all, my whole experience with is superb. I wouldn’t wonder why they have almost 2 million likes on Facebook now. Thanks!

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  1. Did you receive a text message regarding the updates of your order? sends text messages on when can you receive your order.

    1. There is always an update about your order via SMS; if you provided one during the order process.

  2. Hi, I ordered 3 nyx lipsticks to the same seller then a few days the 1 lipstick is shipped already but the other 2 are still at processing. Then the day after I already recieved my 1 lipstick then the other 2 are still at processing. And im asking a question to the seller but still no reply

  3. Magkaibang item name ba? Same brand pero different name, color? If yes, baka magkaiba rin availability nila. Baka yung 2 ay pending pa. Try Lazada customer support kung walang reply sa seller.


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