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3 Personal Branding Tips in SEO and Social Media (Reblog)

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from brandyourself.com
One way to know if your website/blog had been penalized by Google is when your blog/site doesn't even land the first line of search results when searching for it. In this case, I searched for "freemindfreelines.com." For over a year or maybe two, this blog had been under penalty. See this post for more info. It's a relief that the penalty is apparently already lifted.

But other than that, I've discovered an interesting article I published as a guest blog on a start up company's website. It's quite useful and informative so I decided to reblog it here. The blog post talks about 3 Branding Tips in SEO and Social Media. These include the following pointers:
  1. Creativity is King
  2. Brand by Association
  3. Surround Yourself with the Right People 
For detailed content, see the article here

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