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New Template for Free Minds Free Lines via Premium Blogger Templates

Along with gaining over 100k views, Free Minds Free Lines now has a new theme from I have been planning to change the simple theme for quite some time now. I was able to find two which matches the colors and vibe of the blog with a more modern and artistic appeal. From those two, I chose one from a designer named Lasantha. It’s a WordPress theme converted for Blogger.

I attempted to tweak the theme and was successful with a few basic tasks. The more challenging and difficult changes were beyond what I know. I’m no web design person. J Although, I was able to make those same changes in the Simple Blogger theme before, it didn’t work for this new one; most likely because this one’s more complicated for a basic html person as myself. So I sought assistance from people who know a little about it. Still, to no avail. Only the actual web designer may probably understand how it works. is where the theme link redirected to. I had a chat with Lasantha Karunarathna, the blog owner and template designer. Although I had to pay a minimal amount for the changes to be implemented, he assisted me throughout everything which needs to be done. At first, I simply sent the XML file for him to update it and send it back to me so I can upload it. I’m getting errors upon doing so and asked him to directly update the blog through temporary admin privileges instead. It took a few hours to finally complete the entire process. I was very pleased with what had been done.

I intend to make more changes and may probably employ the help of the same designer but for now, everything looks good. I appreciate the great service so I wrote an Alexa review of the site where his templates are uploaded to, It’s quite the opposite of how I was treated by a local skin care clinic branch considering the fact that I paid them about 10 times more than what this designer had earned from the service I paid for. Not to mention that they are Filipinos too. I plan to write a follow up about this case soon enough. For now, here’s the post so everyone gets warned – Fractional Needling Therapy Fail Tale.

Thank you Lasantha,, and!

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