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Fractional Needling Therapy Fail Tale?

Weeks earlier, I wrote about my excitement to try a breakthrough advanced procedure called fractional needling therapy or FNT. Today, I’m having second thoughts about it now and anything which involves needles, except tattoos. 

I don’t even have the enthusiasm to write a background introduction about FNT anymore at this point. So please refer to other sources online for more details on FNT like what is it and how it is done. Although FNT is applicable for a wide range of skin issues, I’ve specifically requested it for acne scars.

My case is not really difficult; even the dermatologist who assisted me said so. So I was confident on undergoing the procedure at first. Initially, they applied topical anesthesia and allowed my skin to absorb it for 45 minutes for maximum effect. It still hurt during the actual procedure but it probably would have been worse if there was no pain killer applied. It took about an additional 30 minutes to complete the process of needling and applying of the Stem Cell HGF serum. It was only 1 mL but it was the fee was quite costly. 

I left the building with a bloodied face with no eye glasses, towel, scarf, handkerchief, or anything at all to cover me. I simply shielded my face from curious onlookers using my hands. It was just perfect that we brought our little car with us that time. The serum is supposed to be left on overnight for maximal absorption; not to be washed off until the next day. That means you will have to endure a bloodied face for an entire day so it’s best to undergo the procedure during your off, work leave, late in the afternoon, or early evening; not too late as there won’t be enough time for the serum to seep in the skin.

Also, expect bruising or even wounds on the body part treated. It’s also best to stay indoors away from the sun and dust to avoid hyper pigmentation. Should there be a need to go out, apply sun block which is normally available on the skin care clinic itself at a separate cost. Anyway, you will still be advised to apply sun block every 2 hours during the 5 day recuperation period.

I didn’t have a problem until the 2nd and 3rd day. The bruises appeared to be wounds and the first thing which came to mind is scars. Naturally, wounds will generate scars so I contacted the dermatologist and she assured me that it’s normal because she had cut deeply in order to allow the serum to penetrate deeper also. She had prescribed the use of a popular scar cream after the scabs had fallen off and a post cautery cream to hasten the healing process for the wounds at least. The latter did work and as soon as the scabs fell off, there I stared at the naked truth. More little scars were added with what was already present from both left and right cheek. 

The skin care specialist actually know beforehand that there will be a scar or so, which is why she also prescribed that scar cream with a TV commercial. She had even offered to fix it for free once the scar comes out. For a while I thought it was an irresistible offer similar to when she was initially briefing me about FNT on the first day but then again, after seeing all the additional scars coming out, I backed out. Although she promised that the results will be seen after the 6th session, I don’t think there’s logic in going through the same treatment again. I fear that if there was a scar at the first session alone, there may be more with every session afterwards.

So I rest my case but I’m actually considering other alternatives. They will be non-invasive such as Diamond Peel or Derma Rollers. The former is more affordable but needs more time and I have not much information about the latter yet.

Going back to FNT, I have already contacted the main office of that skin care clinic and they have been replying. An agent and a Marketing Communications Officer have initiated further communications and I was finally able to respond back along with attached images of everything which will prove my case. Based on the blood test I've undergone, I am not anemic or diabetic. It was just coincidental that there was a wound on my legs and the dermatologist was just looking for a scapegoat because she’s already cornered. I’m sure that the mere prick of a needle won’t cause a scar but I believe she concentrated too much on certain areas alone and applied too much force, that’s why; it’s also what another clinic rep speculated.

Aside from the above, there were irregularities evident already since day 1. The pricing information provided on that specific branch was questionable. The dermatologist supposedly corrected incorrect info given out by the clinic’s staff, particularly the receptionist when we first arrived. But the official representative of the brand’s national headquarters had already belied some of the info on pricing. Since I’ve decided not to return anymore, I’ve mentioned the name of the branch already when I replied to the main office’s representatives who have sent recent communications.

For me, it’s no longer about the money. I don’t want to go through the same procedure anymore as well to correct the error. It’s now the company’s problem but I would certainly follow through to see if there’s anything they will really do about it, even internally. This is why I’ve withheld the name of the company and the dermatologist at this point until I’ve seen actions. I don’t really want to be scandalized nor scandalize anyone but I sure would want to see someone’s head roll on a platter. Kidding. J So, shall I name the company and the dermatologist? What do you think?

On the last note, at least for this post, FNT may or may not work and I have no intention of discrediting the procedure because as always, everything is on a case to case basis. So if you do have personal experiences about this fractional needling therapy, particularly positive ones, please do share them here.
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  1. Hi!
    I'm doing some research regarding this procedure as i'm thinking of getting one. I guess this procedure is in the expensive side as i have not seen many articles or blogs about it and glad i found yours. Is it alright for you to mention the name of the company, its branch and your dermatologist? Not for the company to have a bad rep but it will help people like me to atleast be cautious. So I can have a list of what and where to consider getting one.
    Also,were you asked to purchase anything other than the procedure itself? Because I read somewhere that some companies asked their clients to purchase some kind of an acne kit (not really sure) that they can use for 6 months but cost around 9k which i think is really expensive.
    Any information about this procedure will help a lot!

  2. Hello! I don't want to get in trouble in case they come after me. :) But the followup post Flawless Redeemed from Flaws should say it all. It's a local Urdaneta city branch of Flawless and the I can't recall the name of the dermatologist anymore but I heard she was removed and retrained after I complained.

    Another branch was supposed to make amends but I said it wasn't necessary. I don't want to go through the same procedure again even if it's free! It didn't work for me but I can't say the same thing for another.

    I wasn't asked to buy anything though except for sunscreen protection. Maybe it's different for other branches, companies, or specific cases (individually).

  3. Thank you so much for replying and accommodating me! I very much appreciate it. How is your skin by the way? I hope there's no permanent effect and I'm glad they were able to address the incident professionally.
    You paid 10k already for just 1 session? Because that's what im thinking of doing first, try 1 session and if it works then i'll avail more sessions if needed, i just didn't realize i'd need to prepare that amount already.
    I really have bad acne scars, not the dark spots kind but the "bako bako" kind and i'm really desperate to do something about it.

  4. Don't worry there is a different approach depending on your skin problem. Your case will be handled differently. I suggest you research other procedures as well such as laser. I heard it's better than fractional needling. It's also cheaper per session depending on the derma clinic. It's around 5k per session for laser (I asked in a different clinic - Nisce). Your case will also determine how many sessions will be needed. I suggest you drop by different derma clinics and shop around so you can compare their prices and services offered before you decide which clinic to avail services from.

  5. Replies
    1. It's best not to name any so as not to put them in trouble. Based on further research though, fractional needling in general (even if you complete like 10 sessions) won't really make much of a difference based on the personal experience of those who have tried it. You are better off with laser such as fraxel. See this forum thread, . I suggest you read all suggestions.

    2. I totally agree with you on that. You should have remained them anonymous.