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Flawless Redeemed from Flaws and Skin Care Advice

In relation to a recent post “Fractional Needling Therapy Fail Tale,” I’d like to share a few skin care advice which will at least warn others about the potential dangers of certain treatments when you don’t know how it really works and you are not aware of possible side effects or complications.

skin care advice
The treatment in question is specifically the fractional needling therapy (FNT). I’ve read positive notes about it online that I didn’t think twice to undergo the procedure even if it’s supposed to last for about 4-6 sessions with each two costing Php18k (serum, skin center, and dermatologist fee included). I never got past the first one so I only wasted Php10k at least.

The therapy is expensive due to the serum used, stem cell. I’m sure you’ve heard about this revolutionary product and its benefits in terms of science and medicine. It also applies to beauty and skin care because it is the modern day sort of fountain of youth which supposedly can help regenerate bodily parts up to the microcellular level. The serum I availed of contains 2mL and is equivalent to thousands.

I would have simply cursed this FNT treatment and said its fraud but I’ve changed my mind after the skin care clinic I’ve originally didn’t mention redeemed themselves yesterday (February 1). A few days after that erroneous experience with a nearby Flawless branch and its employees, particularly the dermatologist who was assigned at that time, January 17 of the afternoon to be exact, I contacted their national office through their website and Facebook page. I received several responses from agents, marketing officers, and finally a manager. They referred me to a different branch to correct the error. The infamous branch is in CB Mall Urdaneta. They’re not even listed in Flawless’ list of branches found at the official website. I won't mention the name of the dermatologist anymore because I didn't write this as a personal vendetta. I'm sure she paid the price already after pocketing the price of an expensive treatment gone wrong. 

Skin Care Advice

The other branch where I was referred to was Flawless Dagupan (CSI City Mall). All of them in the clinic treated me well including the resident dermatologist Rowena Joy Tabayoyong-Barredo. Everyone was respectful and the dermatologist of the branch explained everything I needed to know including every detail about FNT and what went wrong with my treatment. She did not blame her fellow skin care doctor but I actually would, simply because I visited three other clinics after this doctor’s mistake and all other skin care clinics I’ve dropped by to had agreed that the problem was that the needles were concentrated on certain areas alone. It explains why those areas were deeply wounded and scarred some more.

Skin Care Advice
Unfortunately, the only treatment which Flawless can offer for my specific need is FNT. I swore not to ever undergo anything involving needles again, except tattoos. So even if they offered it for free, I declined. They proposed other alternatives including micro dermabrasion and peeling therapies such as Power Peel, Easy Peel, and Glycolic Peel. Admittedly, the derma doctor said the peeling treatments do take effect but only after months or even years. I said I’d think about it but I have no plan of coming back, considering the fact that this other branch is about an hour away from where I live. What matters now is that Flawless had recovered from a flaw caused by a specific branch.

With that, I will conclude that it wasn’t the brand’s fault per se but it was only isolated errors committed by the branch I’ve been mentioning about. Not that they’re incompetent or unreliable but they did make a mistake and they’re lucky enough that no one was fired and will only undergo re-training. I carry no grudge against them though and just leave the incident and experience unto God.

But for those who intend to avail any type of skin care treatment or therapy, make sure to undergo medical tests to make sure that you are not at risk of possible complications. Ask questions and perform your own research about the product or service first. Also, when in doubt, go head out the door right away. That was my mistake. It was already suspicious that the staff and doctor did not agree on pricing but I went on anyway. There was also no documentation of a before and after treatment photo and they were too hasty to start immediately without verifying any medical history whatsoever. So for you dear reader, may this skin care advice serve as a reminder so you won’t fall for the same trap I fell for. 

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