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Over 100,000 Views for Free Minds Free Lines

Free Minds Free Lines blog had just recently reached its 100,000 visit mark and counting. Although this blog is actually currently penalized by Google so as most high ranked posts were demoted in rank, the blog still gains a significant number of views daily and monthly. The greater number of it is not derived from search engine traffic anymore though, unlike before. I do hope it will regain the same favor from Google. As for now, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are referring a good number of visits.

100,000 Views for Free Minds Free LinesThank you very much for those who have subscribed via RSS feeds, email notifications, and through the Facebook page. For those who regularly visit this blog too for updates as well as guests who have only stumbled upon it; thank you just the same. 


  1. Hello po, would you mind if I request for the creation of blog archive on your blog, please? Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, there is a blog archive on this blog. You probably didn't see it. Scroll up. Below Social Profiles, you'll see Popular, Tags, and Blog Archive. Thanks for dropping by!


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