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Another Essay on Valentine’s Day

If the previous Valentine’s Day drama touched your heart in some way, here is another essay on Valentine’s Day which I do hope will tickle your bones too. It’s also an old journal entry and its dated 2/17/2002, which is even older than the other entry.

The Dance

Essay on Valentine’s Day
This dance is no ordinary one. It follows no beat except that of the beating hearts of a male and a female pair. Some may try to perform this dance both male and both female but they may be left disappointed because the only performers who will be satisfied in the end are the former pair mentioned: a male and a female. Not all males and females can perform this dance though. It was originally designed for a man and a woman, not for a boy and a girl.

The steps are easy. There is no need for a dance instructor to teach the rhythmical patterns to follow. Each movement comes naturally as the dancers move towards the stage. An audience composed of a crowd is unnecessary. An onlooker cannot even be invited. It’s just between the dancing pair on a stage called ‘bed’ in a darkened room for a theater; illuminated only by the Dance Master who had authored and blessed this kind of dance since the first man and woman.

We call it in many different names. It’s ONS or ‘one night stand’ for those who indulged for the thrill of the dance alone; commercialized sex between a customer and a paid sex worker; premarital sex for unmarried special friends; rape when forced by either one of them; and sweetly as making love by performers who do love each other enough to dance this dance within marriage.

Some may argue about the similarities of each act despite differing names. I say, yes and no! Yes, all refers to a single type of dance. No, the names describe how each dance is performed, who performs it, and what the consequences are.

Commercialized sex and ONS may cause STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as AIDS or Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome even if the dancers protect themselves with pills or other paraphernalia like condom. Rape on the other hand pertains not only to physically forced sexual intercourse but also when either party is mentally black mailed by the other for sex. The act is condemned both by the laws of God and the law of man. The worst are broken people from broken families which normally come from early marriages where marital union had become the result of unwanted or teenage pregnancies.

Call me old-fashioned but I have not danced this kind of dance yet (incognito) and I don’t intend to talk like a know it all, but I do believe that if He who authored this dance forbids us from dancing for the wrong reasons and in the wrong time, then it means it must be good right? Not only so, a promise of not only ‘good’ but ‘best’ sex awaits dancers who will dance in the perfect time under the cloak of matrimony. At which time, there will not be any spiritual, legal, emotional, nor physical hassles but only the blessings of He who first ordained this dance.

Sex has long been exploited in the movies, in television programs, and in writings but uplifted by those who have danced to its beat without any hindrances such as those mentioned above. Much to the extraordinary flavor of this dance, truth remains that it is an act so holy and must be preserved that way so.


I hope you liked this old essay on Valentine’s Day. :)


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