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Do Texting and “Cyber Slang” Harm Students’ Writing Skills?

1:17 AM 0
Introduction Texting has become part of our daily communication routines, from simple Hello’s to lengthy messages and chats. In an era ...

Contributors for Classy Filipino Magazine Wanted!

10:39 PM 0
Classy Filipino magazine is looking for contributors who can write about anything relevant to the magazine’s purpose. CFM accepts articl...

Classy Filipino Magazine Facebook Page

11:54 PM 0
After releasing the 2 nd edition of Classy Filipino magazine on the second week of May, we have just created a Facebook page. Please clic...

Classy Filipino Magazine Now Available!

11:07 PM 0
Classy Filipino magazine is now available with its maiden issue for April 2013. This magazine is distributed for free throughout Hong Kong...

Another Featured Article at InfoBarrel

11:13 PM 0
Got a 3rd featured article after 83 articles published over InfoBarrel. I just needed to mention the total number of articles, 83 because ...

Another Essay on Valentine’s Day

12:33 AM 2
If the previous Valentine’s Day drama touched your heart in some way, here is another essay on Valentine’s Day which I do hope will tick...

Walang Titulo “Ang Mayamang Pobreng Bansang Pilipinas”

12:37 PM 0
Isang maaliwalas na gabi, ako’y naglalakad pauwi mula sa trabaho dahil wala akong pambayad ng taxi dahil nagastos ko na ang huling patak...

On Writing for an Agency, for Independent Buyers, and for a Freelancing Site

6:00 PM 0
I was surprised to read a freelancer post in a forum about her recommendations in favor of independent buyers over freelancing sites for j...

Best Inflation Hedge Investments Article on the Home Page

11:27 AM 0
My article Best Inflation Hedge Investments is currently on the home page of It’s not my finest writing but at least ...

Building a Passive Income through InfoBarrel

11:36 AM 1
I’m building a passive income through InfoBarrel . It may be slow, but the journey is surely moving towards the goal. But how is this do...

Short Halloween Story: FL2020: Are You Real or Not?

5:26 PM 0
This  short   Halloween story was submitted early November for writing community's Trick No Treat 2011 Card Making Contest. ...

Tips to Find a Freelance Writer Online

1:31 PM 4
I don’t have a freelance writing company which accepts freelance writing jobs but I do have tips I can share to find a freelance writer...

My Account Got Banned from HubPages

8:27 AM 7
With less than a month since I started writing, my account got banned from HubPages . The obvious thing to do is to move on. But before I j...
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