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Smile Dong Hae Finale in the Philippines

Smile Dong Hae finale is expected in the next few days in the Philippines. This Korean drama, otherwise called Smile Again, features a 2010 daily drama on KBS 1TV with major 2011 awards under its belt.

New Timeslot! After Paroa (Ang Kuwento ni Mariposa) and before 24 Oras!


Mom and son Anna and Carl Laker (also called Dong Hae) visits Korea for a speed skating competition where Dong Hae represents the American team. He also wanted to see his girlfriend Sae-wa, whom he had dated for 6 years and intended to marry. But she had a change of heart and did not want him anymore because of his mentally ill mother. Yet he still saved her from being struck by a vehicle. The accident caused an injury which ended his skating career. The mother and son tandem also decided to stay in Korea in search for his father, whom Anna had stumbled upon somewhere in Korea. Luckily, Dong Hae met Bong-yi’s family who took them in and considered them as family.

Dong Hae and Bong-yi fell in love despite protests from Yoo-jin and Seon-woo. Anna also finds a new love in Pil-jae, Bong-Yi’s uncle. He is a widower who has a daughter named Song-i whom Anna had eventually grown to love. But to make things more complicated, Dong Hae’s father, who gave the American name “James” on his stay in New York to study, became Sae-wa’s father in law. James met Anna in the U.S. and promised to come back for her but never did despite knowing she was pregnant with his child. Going back to Sae-wa, she had a boyfriend while having an affair with Dong Hae. The boyfriend turned husband is Dong Hae’s own younger brother Do-jin, his father Joon’s son with wife Hye-sook. Additional interconnections include Sae-wa’s younger sister Sae-young who marries Tae-hoon and had twins with him. He is Bong-yi’s older brother. Their parents, Kang-jae and Seon-ok for Bong-yi and Sool-nyeo for Sae-wa are also friends.

The climax rises as it turned out that Anna Laker is actually the hotel matriarch and patriarch’s lost child. She was lost during a storm in Jejudu Island during her childhood, with only her dress and picture as keepsake. She was adopted by an American mother, which explains why she grew up in the U.S. Despite a tainted marriage, Sae-wa chose to help her mother in law (the hotel owners adopted daughter) to hide the truth in order to keep the hotel and her status as part of the hotel heir’s family. Joon, however, paved the way towards the revelation of the truth.

Smile Dong Hae Finale
Cast and Characters

Ji Chang-wook (지창욱) as Dong-hae (동해)
Do Ji-won (도지원) as Anna Laker (안나레이커)
Oh Ji-eun (오지은) as Lee Bong-i (이봉이) (Bea)
Lee Jang-woo (이장우) as Kim Do-jin (김도진) (Theo)
Park Jeong-ah (박정아) as Yoon Sae-wa (윤새와) (Sophia)
Kim Yoo-seok (김유석) as Lee Pil-jae (이필재) (TJ)
Kang Seok-woo (강석우) as Kim Joon (김준) (James)
Jeong Ae-ri (정애리) as Hong Hye-sook (홍혜숙) (Estella)
Park Hae-mi (박해미) as Byeon Sool-nyeo (변술녀) (Sophia’s mom)
Lee Joo-yeon-I (이주연) as Sae-yeong (윤새영) (Sophia’s sister)
Alex (알렉스) as Lee Tae-hoon (이태훈) (Alex, Bea’s older brother)
Im Chae-moo (임채무) as Lee Kang-jae (이강재) (Bea’s father)
Lee Bo-hee (이보희) as Kye Seon-ok (계선옥) (Bea’s mother)
Kim Seong-won (김성원) as President Jo Pil-yong (조필용 회장) (President Cho)
Jeong Yeong-sook(정영숙) as Kim Mal-seon (김말선) (Mrs. Cho)
Choi Yoon-so (최윤소) as Baek Yoo-jin (백유진) (Eunice)
Jeong Eun-woo (정은우) as Kim Seon-woo (김선우) (Zandro Kim)
Lee Joon-ha (이준하) as Lee Song-i (이송이) (TJ’s daughter)


What I love about this Korean drama is that it’s devoid of the usual sappy story line which is quite common in most drama shows. The drama is not too heavy but despite being so, you will still find your tears fall such as when Anna was finally introduced to her real parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cho. The romance is also light but you will appreciate Dong Hae and Bea’s persistence to get married despite protestations from various camps. Even that of Sophia’s love for Theo, no matter how selfish it is and how much anyone will loathe it; add spice to the show. Also, you won’t wish for a fast forward button just to see how the plot turns out because every chapter is worth watching and waiting for. There is always something new you would look forward to with ever episode. 

Philippine Dubbed Version

With only a few more days before the local version ends, we await the fate of everyone who is part of the soap. Although I’ve only read the actual ending of the story somewhere online, I would still watch it till the end. You too can still catch Smile Dong Hae finale till the next remaining episodes.

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