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How You Lived Your Life Finds its Proof in Death

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Setting aside morbid thoughts, have you ever wondered how you have lived your life? You’re still alive and breathing to answer the question but when the time comes, you won’t even get the chance to respond to the question but other people will do so in your behalf. Sometimes how you lived your life finds its proof in death.

I attended the wake and interment of my partner’s aunt recently. We were not really that close but she is to him and to most everyone who was present during the few nights they held a wake. She is already a Chinese, having been wed to a Filipino-Chinese businessman. So like them, the entire wake was kept short and lasted no more than 3 days as per Chinese belief. Not to mention all the rituals on the sides except for the absence of crying ladies. I’m sure there’s no need for them.

I’m still thinking twice whether or not I’d drop her name. I don’t really intend to taint her memories or anything by writing about it here (I just might if I get a go signal). A realization just hit me during her wake and interment. There were all too many people who had attended the nightly vigil and walked with us during the burial. We’ve heard stories about the goodness of her heart and how she had helped many – her siblings, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, friends, and so much more, even non-relatives at that.

She wasn’t a celebrity but she sure made a name for herself in the business world. With the help of a few people, she had managed to keep their family business thriving for the past decade or more. It’s in the printing business and they print shirts and other clothing for giant companies like Jag, Bench, and so much more. Bench at this time, however, no longer hires a third party printing company as they have started printing their own designs on products.

During the whole time that the said business was flourishing, she wasn’t a perfect person. But amidst imperfections, what stood out was her generosity. Everyone else who had spared a few minutes all agreed about it during her eulogy. She was a natural giver and shared her blessings to everyone sparingly.

So the whole time all these were going on, my thoughts were about what people said about her after her demise, the number of people who attended the last days of her body’s stay on earth, and the numerous flower decorations which filled the room. It wasn’t about being known or being rich. It was about remembering the person she was and how she had lived her life. Sometimes how you lived your life finds its proof in death indeed.

Be it seemingly superficial but with the presence of countless flowers and attendees, one can already say something about a person. Not all famous or rich people receive the same type of commemoration from people left behind. Truly, the way she lived her life finds its proof in death. Everyone paid respect and showed gratitude through flowers, messages, and through their mere presence alone.

I don’t want to think ahead and imagine about that fateful day when it comes for me. I’d rather just focus on what life offers today. But when it does come, I do hope that how I lived life will find its proof in death as well. 

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