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Short Scary Stories for Halloween

10:36 PM 0
Since it's All Saints Day today and All Souls Day tomorrow, let me share stories I originally posted in the popular forum PinoyExchange...

It's a Whole New World in Palawan

9:30 AM 0
Palawan was like a whole new world discovered for those who are not familiar with the place. A lot of things were quite new, at least for ...

Have You Seen this Girl?

8:37 AM 0
In a gay beauty pageant I've recently watched organized by my husband's balikbayan aunt , there were numerous candidates which caug...

Retired Overseas Workers are a Motivation for Work

8:07 PM 0
My husband's aunt who is a  balikbayan from the U.S. had been working for 40 years as a hairstylist and is about to retire soon, expect...

Peace - for All It’s Worth (An Open Plea for Peace and Unity to Prevail in Our Country)

5:53 AM 0
This I believe is the boldest article that I will ever write. As much as needed, I stay away from being judgmental especially with sensiti...

Old Journal Entry for a Valentine’s Day Drama

12:08 AM 0
With February 14 just around the corner, I’ve thought of digging up an old journal entry because I can’t think of any recent Valentine’s D...

My Nokia Blog Posted my Nokia 808 Pureview Video in a Post

2:13 AM 0
As the heading goes, My Nokia Blog posted a video I took using my Nokia 808 Pureview phone. The post was actually dated 8/26/2012 but ...

My Tumblr Blog Busy Lazy is Now PR1

11:00 PM 2
It’s been a little over a year (July 29, 2011 to be exact) since I started using Tumblr and my Tumblr blog Busy Lazy is now PR1. It’s so...

Abe Olandres Sends a Tweet @marcyscreed

10:30 PM 0
In relation to the previous post Beyond Luck: Be Inspired with PinoyExchange and Yugatech , an unexpected response was received through Tw...

Beauty Queens in Their Own Right - Mai Garcia Apostol and Madel Rosario Apostol

12:24 AM 0
In earlier posts, I wrote about nephews who are active in the music scene. See posts  A Taste of a Local Audio Experience with AudioLokal ...

Web Birthday Greetings through Email, Sites, and Facebook

10:25 AM 0
I’ve recently grown older but it’s not obvious because I don’t look like I’m (insert age here - feeling !). J I’ve had a web blessed birt...

How You Lived Your Life Finds its Proof in Death

2:08 AM 0
Image: dan / Setting aside morbid thoughts, have you ever wondered how you have lived your life? You’re still ...

Think Twice Before You Park Your Car Just About Anywhere

3:11 AM 0
Pissed off is not even enough to describe how I feel right now. I’m having trouble pulling my thoughts together but at least it’s eno...

Union Bank over the Phone Customer Service Assistance Experience

11:00 AM 4
In relation to this blog post EON, UnionBank, and Globe Refill Card Drama , I’d like to share about my Union Bank over the phone custome...
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