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Interesting Additions for List of Famous Things

Compiling lists of different famous things is an interesting hobby or exercise.  It is always subject to arguments and debate.  Thus, some individuals tend to post their own list of famous things in almost everything such as famous ghost towns and famous movie villains.  Very often, the lists are limited and are sometimes based on currency and relevance.  Thus, a lot of interesting inclusions are omitted because of these limitations. 

Famous Villains

Here are some items that should be on the list of any top ten or top twenty lists of famous villains:
  1. Alex Forrest – Don’t let the name fool you.  This character famous villain is actually a she.  It was portrayed by Glenn Close in the movie Fatal Attraction.  She played a one night stand lover and stalked her object of affection, including his family.  Alex Forrest was fatally attracted with Dan Gallagher portrayed by Michael Douglas; to the point of killing his family just to get back with the man she was crazily attracted with. The character was so terrifying that there was a story floating around at the time of release. This made extra-marital affairs went down for a while based on statistics.   With that impact, Alex Forrest should be included in any of the lists of famous movie villains of all time.
  2. Hedy Carlson – She is what happens when you share a flat mate who copies you to the bone and has a dark history behind.  This character was played by Jennifer Jason Leigh and was so terrifying at that time that people then were very cautious in accepting applicants as roommates or pad mates. Hedy Carlson was a homicidal freak due to a personality mal-behavior which is called borderline personality disorder. The person is known to emulate somebody close and creates havoc in the end. Just because the movie is an erotic thriller, it does not mean that the antagonist is not scary enough to deal with even in real life. Thus, it deserves a place in lists of famous movie villains.
Ghost town - Image: Witthaya Phonsawat /

Famous Ghost Towns

In the case of famous ghost towns, one can surmise in the list that these are populated with names culled from history.  But, recently there are several potential candidates to be included in the list of famous ghost towns.  In some of the lists, the places involved were virtually abandoned due to calamities, disasters, and dwindling opportunities.  These potential additions were due to economic turmoil such as real state and bankruptcy crisis. 

An article from USA Today lists down several towns which are potential candidates for famous ghost towns such as Georgetown, South Carolina.  Last year, the largest local steel manufacturer closed down, it has only The International Paper as the major source of employment.  With that, this place can go down in history as one of the biggest migration of 9000 population moving out of the town at the same time. 

Omissions are normal occurrence in compilations of different lists such as famous movie villains, famous ghost towns, and other famous things.  As such, those in the know should tell something about the omissions even if it leads to arguments.  Only time can tell if something which was previously not included deserves to be in the list.

*Written by Alden Bula

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