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Think Twice Before You Park Your Car Just About Anywhere

Pissed off is not even enough to describe how I feel right now. I’m having trouble pulling my thoughts together but at least it’s enough for me to come up with this post. So let me say it right away, think twice before you park your car just about anywhere!

I love Photobucket’s thumbnail so I’ve never imagined ever having to use the same widget to post photos of distaste. Yes, the images flashing one by one were those from our damaged car.

The windshield on the right side was cracked. The force was not enough to completely break it but the glass is useless now and will need to be replaced. The hood, also on the right side is damaged and you’ll find scratches on both left and right sides.

The first time around

It wasn’t the first time. The same scenario is reminiscent of a separate occasion when the windshield was first broken. It was back in 2009 if I remember it correctly. We were driving home from Baguio when a large tree branch suddenly fell off one of the trees in Canarvacanan, Binalonan, Pangasinan. The branch already hit an unaffected truck hood before it hit our car’s windshield and its right door. Obviously, the door got damaged and the windshield broke. Shattered glasses were all over us but at least the tint minimized the impact and the shield was not totally wrecked. Luckily, the car speed was minimal. Had the speedometer registered a higher speed, the impact would have been worst.

We immediately reported the incident to the nearby town police station but the damage was already done and there’s nothing we can do. We can’t blame a tree or a tree branch, can we? So I simply cursed the wretched towering trees and wondered why they were by the roadside to begin with. It wasn’t even raining hard. It was only drizzling that day and the wind was blowing softly. But those cursed trees were clearly unsafe for passing vehicles especially when dried tree branches abound even with only a slightly blowing wind.

The incident made us dread ever passing by the same barrio again. There was a moment of silence before the tree branch fell and we were caught off guard. But whenever we pass by the same area again these days, I make sure to look up for tree branches.

The second time around

The windshield was fixed and so were the damaged doors. But a second time around and we are now faced with the same dilemma all over again. We are to spend on a new windshield and pay for repairs once more. The car model was new back then and so windshields compatible for it were scarce in the province. Hopefully, a local provincial Agila branch will have a matching set available these days.

It wasn’t due to trees this time. A huge stone was seen close to where the car was parked. They believe it to be culprit. But the real villain is nowhere to be found. In fact, we had no idea who it was. Even nearby residents including home owners of the vacant lot where the car was parked did not see anything. They just heard the loud ‘thud’ sound.

Yes, the car was parked not at home but elsewhere. Visiting a family with no parking space, the car had to be parked someplace else. It was only a few blocks away in a well-lighted vacant lot close to several homes. There was also only a few hours difference from the moment the car was parked to the time it was supposed to be fetched. The rest of the details are as you now know them to be.

Parking safety guidelines

With everything I have written about, not to forget the main point of why I wrote this to begin with, so again I reiterate - think twice before you park your car just about anywhere! It’s still best to have it parked inside where a gate and a roof can keep it safe. Should there be a need to have it parked outside, it’s better to keep it within the proximity of where you are. If not, find a prominent place with lighting, people, and possibly within the watch of village guards or barangay tanods at least.

Never park where it’s dark, empty, and distant. Stay away from areas where the possibility of trouble being stirred is most probable such as unguarded bars, drinking folks, and even playful kids. Should the parking area fit these descriptions, have someone stay and watch the car or politely ask someone within the area to do so. There’s no harm seeking assistance even from complete strangers who can watch your vehicle. A minimal tip for the person can already save you trouble.

These are just some parking safety guidelines you can follow. Remember that it’s always wise to think twice before you park your car just about anywhere! 

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