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Vikings Buffet Menu

Here's another set of snapshots from Vikings Philippines during a visit earlier this year. Posting it before the year ends, with more focus on the menu. 

Eat like a Viking

Gotta start with the "Eat like a Viking" statement. Nothing is more inviting than that before a buffet meal. 

Sampling the Menu

An assortment of menu items sampled before featuring the actual display food stations. These may slightly show a glimpse of what's served but not entirely since I (or we, the fam) don't literally take everything. 

Weird combination above - pizza, oyster and steak

More meat dishes ⬆️ 

Lechon (far right above) with paella (far left) 

Seafood comes next, or at least the Japanese tempura (above). 

Tuna and salmon sashimi

Tuna and salmon sashimi (above and below) is also we can plates twice for. 

Same with mussels, baked with garlic and cheese 

mussels, baked with garlic and cheese

That's not something served on the stations though; you may need to request for it at the designated area. 

A Filipino dish, sinigang (above) made from milk fish in sour soup base. 

More soup bowls with dark noodles (Korean japchae) and some meat on the side ⬆️

The Filipino pancit, since this was during a post-birthday celebration (mine actually 😄). It's almost always present during special occasions, particularly birthday as it signifies long life. 

Desserts are not plenty during this visit, or at least on our plates. I can do away with it anyway, except coffee. ☕️ Coffee is life even if it's the same thing anywhere. 😅

You will probably have no appetite left for sweets after all that appetizer, soup and other heavy meals beforehand. 

The kid on the other hand, ransacks the chocolate fountain most of the time. It's probably all she eats, along with other desserts sometimes, at buffet places. 

Vikings Buffet Menu

And now the menu or at least what's displayed on the stations during this specific visit... 

Desserts, panna cotta (above) and Filipino kakanin (sweet delicacies) below

Vikings Philippines

Puto bumbong and bibingka (display purposes only). I didn't get to ask whether it's served by request like other specific dishes (i.e. mussels). 

Puto bumbong or that purple rice cake is steamed in bamboo tubes and normally seen during Christmas in streets, particularly near churches or other public places. The other glutinous rice cake, bibingka, is also popular during the lenten season. 

Cakes, brownies, and cookies:

The halo-halo section or what's left of it 😂. 

They eventually replenished the containers for halo-halo ingredients. The same applies to the churros and the dip which go with it. 

You can ask for water or carbonated drinks but I prefer the healthy concoctions on one section instead. 

From the Japanese section:

Sorry the image is a bit tilted but this is tempura ⤴️ in variations of vegetables and fish. Shrimp is gone fast once it's displayed. 

Different kinds of sushi (above and below)

Sashimi meat and dips you can combine from various sauces

Teppanyaki, or the Japanese version of grilled dishes

The Filipino station menu is definitely familiar as these are mostly the same dishes Pinoys normally serve during special gathering and even on a regular lunch or dinner meal. 

Lechon is probably not an everyday dish and is often the highlight of a Pinoy event. While it can be a status symbol, even humble homes serve it when an occasion arises. 

Vikings Buffet Menu

Sauces for the meat dishes (including lechon) along with side dishes 

Chinese food similarly familiar. 

That's because most Pinoy homes know noodles. This station is beyond our basic instant or pancit canton noodles though. There are various types of it with similarly varying soup base and toppings, much like what's in a hotpot restaurant. 

Next is a different kind of noodle, pasta, that is. 

Numerous pasta dishes, as expected, on the Italian station

Italian style pizza. Whether it's pizza or pasta, if there's any difference between Italian and Filipino, the latter is distinctly sweet and creamy.  

There are sections that are not specific to the menu of a region or country. 

Bread and dips above and salads below

Baked mussels and oysters on display; may need to request for a serving as these are often just for display. 


Lastly, the feels... 

Temperature, lighting and spacing between the dining tables and seats make it conducive for a more appetizing dining experience. Service, as always, is good too. 

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  1. walang crabs sa vikings?

    1. I believe meron naman. Di ko nga lang nakita sa mga visits namin doon. Baka mas may chance na maiserve pag weekends.


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