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Celebrate at Vikings SM BF

Whatever you are celebrating - birthday, graduation, anniversary, business, or anything you'd like to celebrate about; why not bring it to lunch or dinner? And bring everyone too! Don't worry about satisfying your guests sophisticated style or voracious appetite, there are buffet places that would offer both sophistication and hearty full meals that's worth the price such as Vikings, currently the biggest buffet restaurant in the Philippines.

Birthday celebrants can celebrate for free! So we brought our daughter at the SM BF branch for her 6th birthday. My husband had dined at Vikings (Mall of Asia branch) several times already and he was always satisfied each time, making me want to try it too. And recently, I was able to do so courtesy of my daughter's birthday celebration. 


Vikings SM BF
I'd like to start with the reception. There is an organized system for walk in customers and those with reservation. Priority is given to those who called in to reserve so except to wait longer when you just walked in. Everyone at the reception is very accommodating and friendly. They will usher you to your seat once your number is called.

The ambiance inside is very inviting; from the seats, tables, interior design, and even how the food is arranged. 

If it's your birthday, you'd be a special viking for the day complete with the viking hat, free cake, large birthday sign, and singing waiters who will sing and dance for you. It was a Friday the 13th during my daughter's birthday but more than 10 persons were also celebrating their birthday that day. 

Lastly, the food (ah yes, the food!), everything is as delectable as expected. Meat dishes (love the lamb although the server sprinkled more salt than needed), Japanese cuisine (tempura, sashimi, sushi, maki, etc.), Chinese food (dumplings, etc.), Thai, local Filipino dishes, seafood, pizza, breads, salads, cakes, candies, ice cream, desserts, local kakanin, halo-halo, drinks (coffee, tea, fruits, beer), and more are definitely delicious. 

Round 1! Fight!
I went back for a smaller portion of lamb, chili garlic shrimp, garden salad, and desserts for the succeeding plates

Food Pics

Take a look at the photos below:

Vikings SM BF

Location: 2nd floor, SM BF, Dr. A. Santos Ave., ParaƱaque
Contact Numbers: 811-3888, 811-4888, 0998-988-2888, 0917-895-4888
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vikingssmbf

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