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Eat Like a Viking at Vikings Philippines

I don't eat voraciously but I like what's on the paper table placemat used during a visit at a Vikings Philippines branch. Dining there was thanks to another special occasion because we don't "Eat like a Viking" on any given day. Each opportunity like it is a celebration of gratitude and the enormous food is a reward of some sort. 

Vikings Philippines

Sampling Time

If I calculate how much we (three) consume during a visit, I'd be partially biased to say I don't think the place will be broke. 😂 But we have definitely saved a lot though if the same value is ordered elsewhere individually. 

Because to start with, the Japanese menu items alone, including sashimi and shrimp tempura, will probably be about 500 pesos (or more) in a single order at a Japanese restaurant. 

Include the variations of meat and it's almost quite possibly closer to a thousand. 


More meat and shrimp dishes: 

The pizza wasn't mine as I will only sample items which are either a bit expensive or we don't normally get to eat on a daily basis. 

I can drown a basin of baked mussels in cheese and garlic anytime. 🤤 These sea shells go out fast too, along with the ebi tempura. Sometimes the mussels are not even displayed; you will have to request for it and this serving below is probably all they can hand you. 

 baked mussels in cheese and garlic

Oysters, also baked with garlic and cheese; seasonally available only 

Oysters baked with garlic and cheese

Of Italian cuisine served, I'd dunk a ladle-full of baked macaroni (not a penne) fast. That's probably because our Pinoy-style pasta cooking, which is mostly sweet and creamy, is in contrast with the authentic Italian style. 

Italian food

A few samples from the Chinese section; hakao (shrimp dumpling) is what I will normally get a lot of. The shrimp filling inside their serving is generous. Not sure if it's the same for the other types of dumplings on display as this is the only one I tried. 

Chinese food

Desserts offered include ice cream, baked goods in mini-sized servings and more. There were also Filipino kakanin. 


Panna cotta in different flavors: mango, buko pandan and strawberry. There are other versions but I picked what I like. 

Panna cotta

The halo-halo, unnecessary for me (as it's common in every street corner) but others may not have the luxury of seeing this everyday where they live. 


I can't say the same for every branch but the usual go-to nearby location we visit has an overall inviting ambiance. 

It's spacious so it won't feel crowded inside; even during busy days like weekend or holiday dinner hours. 

Lighting complements the experience too; not too focused on diners but on food served and the ambiance instead. 

Food Served

And now, food served... 

Sections are labelled based on what type of cuisine is served so you won't get lost in the woods (of food). 


The tempura area comes not only with the well-loved shrimp but other types as well, including fish and veggies; served along with the usual tempura sauce which makes the breaded dishes even more delicious. It's crunchy outside but soft and juicy inside. 

maki and sushi

Gotta be a heaven for sushi fans with the exciting variations available. 

Paella below. I don't recall if there were other Spanish dishes then. What's served may vary anyway, although there are menu items which are always there. 


Spring rolls including our own Shanghai roll version. I sometimes think that this is more popular than lechon (our supposed national dish), specially with the abundance of social media memes about it. 

Spring rolls

And more Filipino dishes...

Filipino dishes

The meat area is possibly a haven too, for meat-lovers at least. Varying meat cuts are available. 

Side dishes which pairs well with steak and lechon served with the usual lechon sauce, corn and more. 

Roasted pork belly and more meat cuts

Noodles isn't just noodles. You can choose the noodle type and toppings, much like choosing different items for a shabu-shabu (hotpot). 

Noodles buffet

There's no grill (unlike Yakiniku or samyup style buffet) but there are barbecue-based dishes. 

Pizza with thin cut dough base

Pizza buffet

Several types of pasta on the Italian station 

pasta buffet

Appetizers, if you'd like to follow the appetizer - entree - dessert style eating. 

buffet Appetizers

Bread and meat with some cheese. It could well be like afternoon tea if there was English tea included. 😅

More appetizing appetizer meat cuts

Salads for those in a diet. Beats the purpose of a buffet in my opinion though, unless you were only invited and don't feel like going home with a full stomach. 

buffet Salads

Desserts like panna cotta, crème brûlée, cake slices and more

buffet Desserts

The mini-bites of baked goodies I mentioned earlier 

And the Pinoy kakanin like cassava cake, kutsinta, pichi-pichi and more

Pinoy kakanin

Drinks, with healthy concoction options available 

It's unlimited too. Some places will serve drinks separately for an extra fee. 

The chocolate fountain section

white chocolate fountain

10-Second Video of the Chocolate Fountain

Just a short clip of the chocolate fountain:

Yes, there's beer too and some other alcoholic drinks. 


No booking or reservation ahead, we were able to get in almost instantaneously. But that's probably because it's weekday lunch. Do that during dinner, specially on weekends and holidays, it may not work. 

Everyone from the reception area to the waiters, chefs serving at the stations and even staff who sings the birthday song complete with costume and placards were all A+. 

Compilation Video 

Another video but just a slideshow of all the images used in this post:

Yay or Nay? 

I'm not a good source of opinion on food honestly, because I'm easy to please and everything is delicious as long as there's nothing disgusting included. ✌️ I also often spend more time appreciating food aesthetically (picture, picture!) than eating it. But if you ask me, this buffet place is definitely a yay in terms of ambiance, service, pricing (you can definitely like a Viking without worrying about the bill if you feel like it), and food (assortment of options and quality of cooking). 

Vikings Philippines

For more information including branches, reservation and other details, you may refer to the following:

Facebook: Check out individual branch Facebook pages as they seem to have separate pages

Operating hours: Mondays to Sundays from 11 AM to 2:30 PM for Lunch and 5:30 PM to 10 PM for Dinner.

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