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Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Space? A Visual Guide

Getting an office space is an integral part of operating a business. When you have a dedicated office space, your company looks more professional to customers, employees, and other business partners. However, you don’t want to waste company money on a working space that might make your business less profitable. Between buying and leasing an office space, which one can give you more ROI?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. You’ll need to consider several factors before you can come up with a decision on whether to purchase or lease an office space.

If you were to purchase an office unit, you would have high upfront costs, but you could get compensated for your purchase over time. Since you own the property, you could earn income from it by renting or selling it later on.

On the other hand, leasing an office space means you’ll never stop paying for the monthly rental and yearly increases. But at least, those costs will cover the upkeep of your building or unit.

Figari’s infographic describes the different aspects of buying and leasing an office space. With that knowledge, it would be easier for you to see which of the two options match your business priorities and resources.

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