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10 Best Online Jobs for Aspiring Filipino Digital Nomads

10 Best Online Jobs for Aspiring Filipino Digital Nomads

If you’ve been wondering about the current state of our country’s labor force, here’s some good news: Things are looking up.

Earlier this year, the PSA reported that the Philippine employment rate rose to 94.7% from 93.4% in 2017.

A more in-depth look at this study showed that a big chunk of our workforce belongs to the Services industry, commanding a huge 55.9% share of the whole labor force.

These are the people working in the trade industry, I.T and communication, financial services, professionals, public administration, arts and entertainment, education, administrative fields, and others.

Now while this does not mean that the rise in employment comes primarily from the Services industry, it paints us a picture of the kind of jobs our fellow Filipinos are into right now.

And I bet that a significant portion of these jobs employ some kind of a remote set-up.

Upwork, the largest online talent marketplace in the world reported that Filipinos ranked 2nd in their list of top earning countries in 2016.

In 2017, the CEO of another top talent online marketplace, Freelancer.com, revealed that there are almost a million Filipinos registered in their site.   

These are folks who work away from the office, at the comfort of their own homes. Some go full-time freelance and have online jobs that are strictly home based.

Why do it? Aside from providing you the freedom to work in your pajamas, working remotely has a ton of benefits: no commute, less expenses, flexibility, and more importantly, more time with your family.

To give you a better idea, here’s a list of the top high paying remote and home based online jobs in the Philippines:

1. Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant

2. Client Services Specialist

Client Services Specialist

3. Business Analyst

Business Analyst

4. App Developer

App Developer

5. Software Engineer

Software Engineer

6. Technical Writer

Technical Writer

7. Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst

8. Web Designer / Developer

Web Designer / Developer

9. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

10. Web Content Writer

Web Content Writer

Where to Find Online Jobs in the Philippines:

Author Bio:

Amiel Pineda is the lead business/finance columnist of Grit PH, where he co-authored the ultimate guide on how to make money online. He’s also the Editor-at-Large of ThreeBest PH.   

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