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The Script Live in Manila 2018 Photos and Videos

Good morning mates! The photos and videos in this post were taken last month (as usual, late post) during this event:

The Script Live in Manila 2018
Freedom Child Tour
April 14, 2018
Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay City, Philippines

I'm posting only the better shots (in my opinion) but I've saved close to a hundred. Will you stay for the images and the usual story time? Thanks! I bore myself so I hope I don't bore you. 😆

Images of the Band

Let's start with photos of the trio...

I think the best images were of Mark. Most of the time my camera is fixated on him; likely because he stays mostly in front of his mic, rocking that guitar. 

Mark Sheehan

He rocked the songs with rap including "Hall of Fame," which originally featured Black Eyed Peas' 

Danny, on the other hand, is fun to watch. My eyes followed him all over the stage and beyond. 

Unfortunately, I don't have good snaps of Glen since he was on the other side of the stage, opposite where I was. 

Danny O'Donoghue

The Script Live in Manila 2018 Photos and Videos 

This was already the band's 4th time to perform in the Philippines and they have enjoyed each show because of the lively Filipino audience. But it comes as no a no wonder; anyone who have attended the event will definitely participate because the band have clearly prepared each segment --- from the concert's introduction, the background videos, Danny playing different instruments and singing close to fans, the confetti (twice), that surprise set at the back of the Mall of Asia Arena, the encore, all the way to the finale... everything is surely amazing! 

It all started with a VTR of fans worldwide expressing their opinion about what freedom is. I actually saw an invitation for this via Twitter, month's before the tour started. I didn't get to send any entry but all the chosen ones were definitely liberating to hear. 

The video compilation was shortly followed by a performance of "Superheroes."

"Paint the Town Green" was fun live. There was literally, green confetti painting the stage. 

The phenomenal hit "The Man Who Can't Be Moved," started with an acapella with the audience (us) singing along. 

"Arms Open" is one of the tracks from their fifth and latest album, Freedom Child (where the tour title came from). This is one of my new favorites. I love the lines:

"I can't unfeel your pain
I can't undo what's done
I can't send back the rain
But if I could I would
My love, my arms are open."

But the older hits like "Nothing" will still be one of the reasons why people have fallen in love with their music. 

Next is a back to back rendition of "For The First Time" and "If You Ever Come Back." It's one of the exciting moments from the show. The band went all the way at the back to perform.

See the spotlight in the image below? That's where they were as opposed to the location of the stage area where I was close at. 

The band wanted to make everyone feel special, even those at the back; remembering how they used to be seated at that section too when they were fans watching other acts perform. 

The next one's as far as my phone can reach, zooming in. 

They stayed at the back to sing "Never Seen Anything 'Quite Like You' " as well. 

Danny continued surprising the crowd as he sang from the second or third level of the arena for "The Energy Never Dies." 

Here's one of the tracks where Danny played a different instrument. It's the piano for "Breakeven" during the Encore. 

Another song at the Encore (the last one from the set) and also, one of the best The Script songs in terms of lyrics. 


Here's a playlist of all the videos from the show:

The Script Live in Manila 2018 Setlist

As for the songs performed, this is the complete set list:

Rock the World
Paint the Town Green
The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Arms Open
No Man Is an Island
If You Could See Me Now
For the First Time
If You Ever Come Back
Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"
The Energy Never Dies

No Good in Goodbye
Hall of Fame

Snaps after the setlist...

The Script Live in Manila 2018 Photos and Videos

The band bowed in unison and thanked everyone for coming. 

The Script

Some After-Show Story

After the concert, I went straight where freebies are supposed to be given out for the VIP Experience tickets but found out that the production company behind the event, Midas Promotions, is no longer distributing the items. I was told to email the event producers. 

This was partly my fault because I went through a different entrance door in a hurry to get in (as always, arriving just in the nick of time). The opening act was already performing once I was inside the venue. I honestly didn't read the producer's guidelines from their Facebook page so I didn't know about the special door for the free items. 

So I sent an email and a direct message on Instagram, about a day or two after the concert but forgot about it later on. I've read posts from other patrons via the Midas Promotions FB page. They also didn't receive their tote bag, hat, lanyard and coffee book. They were wondering why the number of items don't match the tickets. That makes sense since they know how many seats were sold. My thoughts went imagining wild thinking some of the freebies were given out to a different group, like special guests or what not. Anyway, this pending concern is also one of the reasons why it took me a while to come up with this post, well, aside from the usual busy/lazy mode. 

After the email, I didn't remember about the dilemma until after I saw a post on the Midas Promotions IG page. It's related to The Script. I commented about my missing freebies. I got a reply both from IG's DM and the email soon after so I deleted the comment afterwards, all in good faith that I will receive mine soon. We exchanged emails back and forth until one day, my freebies were personally sent via a shopping bag. It took a while since we were out of town for a week but I couldn't be happier because I love the book and I got t-shirt instead of the lanyard and tote bag. Thank you very much Midas Promotions for the items and for bringing The Script to the Philippines!

Above is the front page of the book and below is the t-shirt. 

The Script

The Script is comprised of:

Danny O'Donoghue on lead vocals, piano, keyboards, and guitar
Mark Sheehan on lead guitar and vocals
Glen Power on drums, percussion and some backing vocals

Find them online: 

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