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Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Review

The Dr.Jart+ K BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit is a lifesaver for everyone who is inexperienced when it comes to contouring --- including highlighting, neutralizing and even bronzing. The box comes with three small bottles, each with a designated specific usage to easily contour your face. 

Dr.Jart+ K BB Mate Contouring 1.2.3 Kit

Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Review

I just stumbled upon this product while browsing through the beauty product shopping site, Sephora. I was looking for an entirely different item when I saw this and researched about it before deciding to buy and try. I definitely did not regret the purchase. 

Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Contour Trio


Price-wise, it's cheaper than more popular brands, considering the fact that you get three types of makeup in one. Price range starts at $29.99; that's around Php 1500, depending on which online shop you buy it from. I've seen this product is other shopping retail websites including Dr. Jart's own shop online. 

Size and Content

While each bottle size seems particularly small, they can last for months, specially for people like me who hardly need it. But for regular usage, I assume that you'll be able to enjoy it for weeks. 

It's also spill-proof, rollercoaster proven; unlike a liquid foundation I brought along. ­čśÉ The contents spilled all over the makeup bag and the bottle can no longer be properly closed. This one on the other hand was still okay. 

How to Contour Your Face

The package comes with this instructional guide which I honestly have learned more from compared with a paid makeup session I attended before. The brochure even provides special tips to match your face's shape. 

This product is a good start, even if you prefer a different brand. You can just look for specific items which serve the same purpose as the bottles in this kit; to highlight, neutralize and bronze. 

how to contour your face

How to Use Dr.Jart+ BB Mate Contour Trio

Application is very simple. Each bottle is equipped with an easy to apply brush tip to avoid wasting the contents. You can use just exactly how much you need. 

Dr.Jart+ BB Mate

Following the instructions, start with the pale color (1), moving on to the darker colors, number 2 and 3; following the specified areas to use them for (see instructional image above). It varies for those with a square, round, or long facial shape. 

However, contouring the nose is a bit more tricky. I'm sure I've done it wrong countless times. You will need further information on how it's done depending on what you intend to achieve, i.e. elongating the nose line or shortening it, making it look thinner, and so on. Some tutorials on YouTube and just through posts I've Googled came in handy. 

Dr.Jart+ BB Mate 

For more information about this product and where you can find it, visit it's official page on the Dr.Jart website, www.drjart.com/contouring or find them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/DrJart) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/drjart). 

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