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Picture Perfect Sunrise in Kiltepan, Sagada

The movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" definitely helped revive tourism in Sagada. One of the epic scenes from the movie included a picturesque view of the sunrise from Kiltepan peak. We certainly didn't miss a chance to see that famed sunrise during our Sagada visit. 

Sunrise in Kiltepan, Sagada

That's still my favorite shot (and possibly favorite picture as well), to this day. The scene is both calm and chaotic at the same time. Someone dubbed it as "Mordor" in reference to Lord of the Rings. 

How to Reach Kiltepan

You can book a tour or do a DIY. Tour packages include van transfers to and from Kiltepan to your hotel. It costs around 500 pesos. If you do-it-yourself, you need to start walking as early as 4AM, depending on how far your hotel is from the mountain. It may not be possible to hike if you booked a hotel too far from Kiltepan though so better check the map. 

That's how dark it was when we started the trek. 

While the entire town is peaceful even during wee hours of the morning, prepare for dogs. We've met several canine personalities along the way. Most are friendly but there was one specific dog who was too friendly beyond comfort; it almost grabbed my arm... by its fangs!

Kiltepan Peak welcome sign

About an hour or so walking, the sign board is definitely a welcoming sight but there's still a trek ascending towards the actual summit.

We reached the peak, just in time for sunrise. These are from the far left side of the mountain after the ascent and during the descent. 

Those are not garbage by the way. They are rocks. 

Look at the sea of clouds!  

sea of clouds sagada

Some of the photos were zoomed in. But on an actual view, the bushes and trees are visible right below the platform we were standing on. 

Communities on the Mountains 

Amazing how villages were built right on top of various mountain ranges nearby; well, they're not really near by actual distance. They're most likely from towns and provinces within the Cordillera Adminstrative Region (CAR). 

Rice terraces are not unique to the Banawe area. There were countless rice terraces all over the mountain ranges close by. 

Sea of Clouds and People 

There were already folks gathered at the actual viewing site when we took pictures. While some may find it overcrowded and prefer the serenity of seeing no one around, the presence of tourists didn't bother me. 

We grabbed a fast brekky meal right at the heart of mountain before taking more photos. On a good day, you'll find locals selling hot drinks and food. There's also a coffee shop, Hinode Café & Kubo

You can descend as far as the edge of the cliff can support for a closer look at the clouds. But be careful or you'd be rolling downhill. 

Going back to the hotel, there were interesting things to see that are worth a snap such as trees, rock formations and more. 

Horse Back Riding

This signage is actually too far from Kiltepan already. But there is a horse back riding adventure trip you can try from here. 

You'd also pass by the municipal hospital (there's not much in the place actually) and the Sagada Weaving if you're walking towards the town proper. The latter is famous for local woven products and packaged goods. Cameras are not allowed inside though.

Kiltepan Peak Sunrise Viewing

And now, good shots (at least, in my opinion) while viewing the sunrise from Kiltepan peak...

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