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Lumiang Sumaguing Cave Connection Tour Sagada

Spelunking is one of the activities you can enjoy when in Sagada. While it's physically exhausting, the challenge itself is worth it. You can explore caves like Lumiang and Sumaguing, separately, but you can also do both through the Cave Connection tour. 

Well, it's already a tiring trek towards the location of the caves but you're not even there yet even with this welcome banner. 

 Lumiang Sumaguing Cave Connection Tour Sagada

There is even a walk bridge towards the entrance to Lumiang. 

Coffins in Lumiang 

Elevated coffins made of wood will immediately greet you at Lumiang. According to our guide, there were more caskets in the past but looters have taken some for whatever reasons. 

Coffins in Lumiang

Inside the Wooden Coffins

Upon closer inspection, bones can be seen from inside the carved wooden coffins. 

The Gecko in Sagada

Names were also inscribed on top of the cover. Gecko is revered by native tribal mountain dwellers in this side of the country. The reptile is considered a lucky charm; hence, you'll find them carved on coffins too. There's even a popular joint named after this lizard specie called the Gecko Inn.  

gecko sagada wood coffins

Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves

It's mostly dark inside both caves so it's a struggle to see your path. The trek is steep, rugged and slippery. This is why it's one of the tours which need an authorized guide. Some sections within the caves are also too narrow that there was supposedly a tourist who had to go back because he doesn't fit constricted sections. 

It's Eerie Inside

The lamps from other spelunkers ahead of us made this picture look creepy. 

But sometimes sunlight peeps through the crevices at some sections of the cave or through lamps from another group of explorers behind or ahead of us. 

Gas Lamps Light the Way

Your guide will lead the path using a handheld gas lamp and assist you along the way. 

Happy Cavers!

If you happen to brush past other groups of trekkers, it will be more fun as it's livelier with more people. They can even help you when ascending or descending through rock formations. 

Rappeling Inside the Cave

Aside from the usual ascend or descend through rocks, you'd also get a chance to rappel in some areas. 

Spelunking for Half a Day

And the tour isn't a complete 4-6 hours of spelunking by the way. You'd have plenty of opportunities to take photos, err.. rest. 

Be Careful

Avoid touching the guide's lamp by the way because it's really hot. I got my right arm burned when I tried to carry the lamp by the handle but the gas container brushed my arm instead. Those guides are experts they don't seem to feel the heat from the lamp.

If you thought about suggesting overhead flashlights, we did too. It used to be the norm but became passé because it can only provide lighting straight ahead, whereas, the lamps can offer a 360 degrees lighting alternative. 

Be careful during descents and ascents too or you'd slip and injure yourself. 

Above and Beyond

Notice how some shots appear from an angle above or below? It's because you'd still literally be climbing up and down, even inside the cave. 

What to Wear when Caving 

This is me with a red long sleeved blouse over a tank top shirt. 

Wrong choice of clothes, actually. Dark swimwear clothing material is best in Sagada's caves because you'd be soaked in shallow waters just above ankle deep. You'd also get wet when descending or ascending through slippery rocks. 

How to Keep Your Phone Secure

At some flat terrain areas, you can grab your phone to turn on the flashlight. You'd be able to appreciate the view from under the earth if you can actually see them.

Honestly, half of the time, you won't because you need both hands on deck so make sure to wear something with a pocket to keep your phone safe. Waterproof phone cases you can wear around the neck can also help. 

Rock and Limestone Formations

But during moments when you can clearly see what's inside, expect the usual calcium carbonate (limestone) rock formations found in caves in various shapes and sizes like stalactites and stalagmites. 

Some formations are even glistening like crystals or pearls. 

Natural Pool inside the Caves

Underground water is also present. There's even a natural pool where you can swim. But we were dead tired then and the descent towards the pool supposedly takes another 30 minutes so we skipped it. The water is freezing cold too and we were not dressed for the occasion. 

I'm glad that I was wearing pants-long leggings at that time. Too bad for my white tank top underneath the polo though; it was soaked in mud waters beyond recognition. 

Bats in Sagada Caves

Watch out for bat dung in flat terrains. Caves make excellent homes for bats and we spotted colonies inhabiting these caves. 

Twin Lime Falls in Sumaguing

My favorite part is found somewhere within Sumaguing. There is a twin lime formation resembling a falls, with water flowing down. I can't recall its name or at least how the locals dub it. Various sections of the cave are named too but I forgot about those as well. XD

The End of the Tour

This is closing in towards the end of Sumaguing. 

The sunlight is peering through the entrance of the cave. 

Sumaguing Tour

If you choose the Sumaguing only tour, this is where you both enter as well as exit. There are also natives offering a shower outside the cave so you can wash away all the mud. 

Tour Cost

There are discounts for bigger groups (i.e. 500 pesos each for a group of 4 or more) apart from local fees (environmental fee) which is often already included with the package cost. Booking agencies even offer packages for several tour activities. We just paid for a guide for specific trips separately. 

Your guide will take care of the registration for these trips. 

Naturally, it's cheaper if you just take part in one section only; Lumiang or Sumaguing, individually but it's definitely best to enjoy the complete Lumiang-Sumaguing cave connection tour. 

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