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Lamudi and MyProperty to Begin Offering Virtual Tours of Properties

The Philippines’ best real estate marketplaces are looking to further the buyer experience with VR tours of properties for sale and for rent

MANILA, 13 July 2016: As the Philippines’ Internet landscape continues to advance, the manner in which local real estate is marketed, bought, and sold continues to evolve with it. Convenience remains the name of the game, with buyers wanting to explore as many real estate options as they can, and sellers and brokers wanting to reach as many customers as they can.

Lamudi Philippines and MyProperty, the leading real estate marketplaces in the country, are looking to further improve property-buyers’ online experience via virtual tours. Developed by taking several photographs of a place and stitching them together to produce a full 360° view of the area, virtual tours give anyone who has Internet access via computer or smartphone a comprehensive view of a space from almost anywhere and at any time.

Lamudi Philippines’ Virtual Reality Specialist and Google StreetView Trusted Photographer Carlo Salgado says brokers and sellers stand to greatly benefit from the upcoming feature. “Interactive media such as virtual tours greatly increase views, and online listings with a virtual tour definitely receive more views than those without it.”

“Virtual tours would also save buyers, sellers, and brokers a lot of time,” Salgado adds, “as it works like a permanent open house, where property viewing can happen 24/7 even without the presence of the seller or broker.”

Apart from giving prospects a look at how properties on the market would look if they were actually standing in the space, virtual tours could also give them an idea of how these properties look during the day, night, and at different weather conditions.

Some popular examples of existing usage of virtual reality technology include the wide-ranging Google StreetView that gives a view of almost any place on Earth, the virtual tour of Saint Peter’s Basilica seen on the Vatican’s official website, and a virtual look at the U.S. White House as it was decorated for the 2015 Holidays.

The following weeks will see the increased availability of virtual tours on Lamudi Philippines and MyProperty, where users will be able to view an increasing number of properties from all angles and in one fluid manner. Both websites expect the virtual tours to increase viewership as a result; they will also greatly assist interested buyers in deciding on their next real estate purchase and help sellers and brokers efficiently market their properties to a larger number of prospects.

For a preview of the virtual tour, go here. For more information on the upcoming service, contact Lamudi Philippines or MyProperty.

Lamudi is a leading global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets. It offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online. Lamudi was established in 2013 in Berlin, Germany, and it is currently available in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia and Peru), Asia (the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), and Middle East (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates). Within fewer than three years, Lamudi has established its presence as a key online real estate marketplace in the countries where it is operating. For more information, visit Lamudi Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Established in September 2010, is one of the leading Philippine real estate online and print brand that brings property buyers and sellers together. The website’s main offerings are listings of pre-selling properties and properties for sale and for rent. Both website and magazine also provide relevant and updated industry news and information for its clients and consumers. And with the release of its mobile version, finding or selling a home is made even easier. For more information, visit MyProperty on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

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