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What Things a Parent Should Practice at Four Months Pregnancy?

Four months pregnancy is a package of surprises and new experiences. Your baby is doing new things and you clearly feel each and every move. But what are the things you should be practicing as a parent during four month's of pregnancy? Read on. 

First of all let’s know what happens at four months pregnant from baby’s growth point.

What Things a Parent Should Practice at Four Months Pregnancy?

Baby’s Growth

Your baby is growing fast now having a size of an orange and his length is approximately 11.5 cm. Joints and limbs are formed completely and baby can flex and stretch them easily. It might be possible that your baby has found his thumb and he is sucking it now. The strength of your baby’s backbone has been increased and he can stretch his neck and straight out and move his head with ease. The nervous system has also fully formed and has set up connections with different parts of the body. 

Your baby ha now reflexes and moves purposely. Facial growth is also done and now your baby can show his expressions however he does not has any control over his expressions. Skin of the baby is still translucent and if seen closely blood vessels can be clearly seen under the skin. Your baby can also play with the umbilical cord now and you will feel kicks, moves and fluttering on and off.

Mother’s Health and Physical Changes

What happens at four months pregnant is that the mother will have blood, blood pressure, urine, anomaly scan and ultrasound scan in her antenatal appointment with a midwife or OB/GYN. Antenatal appointment is usually taken in 18-20 weeks but it’s up to the sonographer to suggest when an anomaly scan should be taken. Some women feel a great need for sex as there is an increased amount of libido in their blood which is a clear sign that their sex desire is up. You can make love with your partner without worrying unless doctor has asked you to not to do that. You can also take tips from your doctor or by searching over the Internet for safe sex and to keep things light and easy.

What things a parent should practice at four months pregnancy?

Undoubtedly, you are having a great bonding and understanding with your partner at this stage as you both are going to be parents. A mother goes through several hormonal and physical changes and she also gets exhausted sometimes and experiences mood swings. This is the time to keep a strong relationship with the other person. You should try to be very calm, patient and supportive. You both must communicate with each other and sort out issues if you find your partnership more like a battle ground.

Try to spend time together by watching movies, going out, shopping for new clothes for your little one and thinking about the names or ways to decorate his/her room. 

Nausea, back pain, mood swings, cravings, skin change, hormonal changes or changes in the size and color of breast, nipples and areola are some of the symptoms which show what happens at fourth months pregnant. Women should have a balanced diet with a rich proportion of iron and vitamin C and other nutrients and avoid calories. 

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