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8 Acne Removal Options for Smooth Skin – Learn Something New

Acne scars are very common among people. They appear on the skin and hence, bringing out the worst in people. It is thus very hard to hide these scars from the public view as they are embarrassing. They come about as a result of acne. 

Battling with acne is also a big problem. It is followed by unpleasant scars all over your face. Fortunately, there are treatments for this health condition. There are different acne scar removal creams meant to get rid of such scars. These will leave your skin tone looking natural and smooth. However, you need to consider some factors before deciding on the best acne scar removal cream for your skin. 

They include:

•    The ingredients in the cream
•    Your skin color
•    The type of scar
•    Your age, and the like

Different methods for acne scar removal will apply depending on the type of the scar. Most people will have a handful of ways they can relate with, but they do not know which the best is. Luckily, we have eight acne scar removal options you can go for. 

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8 Acne Removal Options

Retinoic Acid

It is a special kind of cream that helps get rid of keloid acne scars. The cream is applied to the skin where acne is, and the rest takes place to remove the scar. It is an effective method for acne treatment that assures a uniform appearance of the skin and restores your confidence.


Laser beams are used to remove the skin around the acne area. You can use this method for raised and flat acne. It is among the most effective methods of acne scar removal. It also reddens the affected area so that it can give time for the skin to grow new tissues. With laser treatment, you also will need some few days to heal.


It is applicable for those acne which result in depressions. Fat or collagen is used to fill those depressions and bring back the bounce on your skin.

Chemical Peels

It entails as the name suggests. The chemical is applied on the acne affected areas where it peels off the skin with acne. With this option, the acne should be healed before you can apply the chemical. The peeling will take a few days. The area where the acid or chemical is applied will redden during the process of peeling.


It entails a wire brush being sped on your skin area where acne is. The brush gets rid of the surface of the skin and tissues affected by acne to reduce it. It involves bruising the affected area so that new tissues can emerge. It is very efficient but you will some few days to heal.


It is not as intensive as dermabrasion. Here, the surgeon or dermatologist will use crystals to carefully remove the tissues affected by acne. It is also effective as it gets rid of the acne affected skin to give room for new skin.

Skin Grafting

If you are familiar with grafting in plants, it is the same case with skin grafting. A small piece of skin without acne is used to fill an area with acne in an attempt to remove acne scars.

Punch Excisions

It involves cutting out acne scars from the skin. It is a form of skin surgery that is used to get rid of the acne scars.


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