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Handsome Fish Vendor from Davao City

Many Pinoy netizens were very amazed with the viral pictures of the “Carrot Man.”  He was a huge hit that he became an instant celebrity and his image were used in memes as parody of presidential candidate Jejomar Binay. 

When you think of good looking guys in the Philippines, there is no province that can proclaim that it monopolize handsome guys.  Pretty boys are all over the archipelago and proof is this fish vendor from Bankerohan Public Market in Davao City

James Viray handsome fish vendor from Davao City

When you think of fish vendors, one always assumes that this job is usually composed of women.  In this case, you are probably wrong and even more wrong when you believe that you couldn’t find a very handsome guy selling fish.  Take a look at James Viray who is selling different tuna variety at stall number 224 in the fish section of Bankerohan Public Market.  Looking at his profile, you will presume that he owns that stall but he is just merely an employee and has worked as such for three years now.

He is still single and is 27 years old.  He came from General Santos City.  He is not ashamed of his work. For him, what he does is better instead of being a “tambay” or peddling drugs, or stealing.  He is aware of his good looks and credit it as the reason why his fish sells very well.  According to him, there were even customers who commented that he is a star material.  Well, if it is his destiny to become one so be it.  He could be the next Robin Padilla.  Meantime, he is enjoying his work as fish vendor.  

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