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8 Cuts Burger Blends in ATC

8 Cuts Burger Blends in ATC

Around Town (Alabang Town Center) in Alabang, there's a place where burger and meat lovers can enjoy the meal, the place, the people, and the music too (they were playing 90s and 2000s alternative rock music) - 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

To start with, you can choose your own burger combination, followed by the type of meat you prefer and which specific cut to cook. From the feature above, there are eight cuts you can pick, hence, the restaurant name 8 Cuts. Another section of the wall shows various house burger blends or combinations you can also choose from (see next image). 

As always, coffee is the first in my cup, errr.. list of orders. 

And this is for my daughter who loves any blend of chocolates, be it drinks, ice cream, and more. 

There were kids on the table next to us who ordered these onion rings. It looks delicious so we tried. Wow, that explains why numerous tables have this appetizer served. 

And the rest of the delicious meal which we all enjoyed - fries and fish plus two types of burgers.

8 Cuts Burger Blends

AddressF807, Alabang Town Center, Commerce Ave.
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, 1770 Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 801 5936
Hours11AM – 10PM

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