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Build Your Own PC for 20,000 Pesos the Lazy and Easy Way

Although I've been acquainted with the World Wide Web through Internet shop desktop computers more than a decade ago and initially used a desktop when I started working online around 2010, I have been a notebook person then eventually a laptop fan ever since I got a hold of these below. I don't think I'll ever go back to a desktop computer soon.

I personally find it easier to type through keys on a laptop than on a desktop. Plus, laptops are handy. I can bring them anywhere I go and work even when in the province, while travelling, and anywhere else, provided there is Internet connection.

But when we needed an extra hand (in terms of computer device), more like for le husband and child, we searched for information online and dropped by numerous computer stores for an estimate. Most shops were very welcoming. Some of the popular places to scour information include PC Express, Villman, and PC Gilmore. We settled with one of the branches of the former due to an installment options available for the card we use.

So these are the raw materials: 

Build Your Own PC with 20,000 Pesos

Here are the specifications (both software and hardware combined) along with brands and models as well as prices. The latter is subject to change. 

Intel Core i3 4170
6382.50 pesos
MSI H8Im P33
2817.50 pesos
Kingston 4GB DDR3 PC 33
1322.50 pesos
Hard Drive
Seagate 1TB SATA
2817.50 pesos
Neutron Phantom P-07 Gray
1092.50 pesos
Video Card
3392.50 pesos
575 pesos
AOC 18'5" e97 OS WN
4427.50 pesos

Total is 22827.50 (when VAT is included). Note that the monitor is not yet included and costs around 3000 pesos or higher depending on brand. The specs are also more expensive when you opt to choose a more updated version such as i7 instead of an i3 for the Intel processor or a more spacious hard disk space and memory. The options are endless if you're not lazy as I am (unless there are budget limits of course).  

And here are the parts when assembled:

A desktop can offer more than what a laptop can do in terms of memory, disk space, processor speed, etc. but I'd stick with my laptop for now. My little daughter loves the PC though and can spend hours watching YouTube or playing Minecraft.

For more information on the computer stores listed above and how they can help you build your own PC, contact the following:

PC Express -
Villman Computers -
PC Gilmore -

You may drop by your neighborhood PC stalls in malls, shopping centers, and even through online shops. 

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