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Beauty and Fashion Trends that will Dominate this 2016

A new year: fresh start, clean slate. The holiday season is definitely over. And as we welcome 2016 with full hope and excitement knowing that this will be another wonderful ride; for beauty and fashion bloggers, trendsetters and enthusiasts... 2016 means another great year of styles and trends to watch out for!

So here are the in-styles both in beauty and fashion that will dominate this year, a helpful guide for those who are curious and excited as to what will be the ins and outs in order to update your wonderful wardrobe:

Makeup Trend: Going Bolder with Colors

If you are still into the no makeup-makeup which was the latest trend for 2015, that’s over now!  This year is more of bolder shades and brighter colors either in satin or matte finish for your lippies like Snow White apple red, candy red, pink, orange, and even darker shades like crimson, burgundy, and oxblood.

streaks of blue and pink for the eyelids and candy apple for the lips 
(photo credits to:

The perfect way to wear this bolder shade of lipstick is to apply them into a cleaner and utter precision (lip brush is recommended). Instead of applying too much foundation, opt with a minimal amount and utilize the power of a concealer to hide the blemishes for a clearer, more natural, glowing appearance. To complete the look, a brushed up, bolder and defined eyebrows is the key bring out the best of your features.

Cobalts, cyan, powder blue, sheer blue, turquoise not to mention the bolder palettes like electric blue, metallic blue, dark and navy blue, also subtle pastel colors of romantic peaches, soft oranges and pink streaks are the eye-popping shades for the eyelids. This year will be more of a fun way of expressing your personality through vibrant colors accentuating your eyes, adding it with flairs of melodramatic glitters, colorful mascara and a lush of false eyelashes.

Bronze and natural sheer of tan emitting the idea of an endless summer will also be the fad for this year. So bronzer and highlighter is a must-have in your makeup kit. 

Hairstyle: Haphazard Twists and Turns

Plaits, haphazard twists, braids, grungy updos, undone buns and loose ponytails emitting the unfussy-yet glamorous effect will be the craze for this year.  Take note too of different bold ornaments and hair adornments like decorated hair clips, bands,  big colorful bows, romantic nets, and jeweled combs which will punk up the hairstyles for a more liberating look.

Nails: Going French

Absolutely gorgeous nail art designs and bright, vibrant colors are still in for 2016. Get ready though as the highlight this time is more on strips of metals, achromatic stripe designs, colorful plaids, bedazzling sparkles and glitters as well as the modern French tips, negative space tips, brush offs, and geometric tip designs that I am sure you can pull-off on your visit to your favorite  nail salons.

Trend Alert: Colors of the Year

Thinking of updating your wardrobe but don’t know where to begin? Then let’s start with the information of what colors will dominate this 2016.

According to Pantone, the leading company responsible for standardizing colors, this year is more on softer shades that offer a sense of calm and relaxation.

As excerpted from the article PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2016: A Transporting and Transformative Canvas by their Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman:

Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves. Colors this year transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, though quiet stability prevails in this season’s palette.”

A Unisex Palette (gender neutral colors) of vivid brights that offer excitement and optimism will prevail this season. For 2016, there will be no bias perceivable distinctions in color choices between the men’s and women’s collections because the focus is more on the desire to relax, breathe, reflect, and then play.

The following are the top ten colors for men's and women's fashion for Spring 2016:

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for this Year 
(photo credits
PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz
PANTONE 16-1548 Peach Echo
PANTONE 15-3919  Serenity
PANTONE 19-4049  Snorkel Blue
PANTONE 12-0752  Buttercup
PANTONE 13-4810  Limpet Shell
PANTONE 16-3905  Lilac Gray
PANTONE 17-1564  Fiesta
PANTONE 15-1040  Iced Coffee
PANTONE 15-0146  Green Flash

Pantone emphasizes that these essentially basic colors; clean, clear and defined hues evoke clarity and freshness, and deliberate mindful tranquility that’s why the need for neutrals arises.

Again, these fabulous hues are brilliant representation of nature’s persistent influence even in urban environments, a trend that pushes the envelope to escape the mundane chaos and rather radiate the openness of playing with the palettes for an unexpected, unconventional but serendipitous ways, breaking the norms.

Fashion Concepts and Themes for Stylistas

Renown and respected fashion designers and popular brands started hinting us collectively with the in-style and trends this year through their runway shows starting late of last year. This will be an incredible year for fashionistas and trendsetters as bolder and exciting fashion designs and a collection of unique creations has been conceptualized, ready to be implemented any time soon.

off-shoulder tops are one of the trends this 2016 
(credits to:

Vogue released the Trend report for 2016 and this involves casual elegance, brand of femininity which includes ruffles and laces, adorned gowns, voluminous and puffed sleeves, romance and emotions, floral prints, sophisticated tie-dyes, flamenco-tiered and off-shoulders, streaks of silvers and metals, lots of sequins and sparkles, stripes in different graphic appeal, work wear denims and blue jeans, along with utilitarian styles and urban street wears are what we will be seeing more.

Shoes and Footwear

Shoes had been invented by men for the main reason of giving us the comfort and protection against harmful exterior factors that can hurt our feet especially while we walk, run or move.

Shoes, like fashion evolve all the time. That means, aside from protection and comfort that it offers; aesthetically, finding the right fit and acquiring the best design can be real challenging as it breaks or makes the whole of your outfit.

statement heels credits to

Last year, the hot craze was into chic flats, lace-ups, sky-high platforms, graphic shoe designs and killer gladiators. This time, indulge yourself with the best shoe trends as this the year for edgy and heavy sandals with metal chains and wide straps, metallic or gilded T-strap sandals, sling back platform sandals, pointed-toe heel shoes, square-toed pumps, classic Oxford flats, highly adorned and statement heels, the classic sneakers, rainbow sandals, and ballet-inspired ankle ribbons.
2016 shoe trends (credits

For men, two-toned classic monk shoes, lace-up and wingtip brogues, dress shoes, colorful loafers, plaid cap-toes, slip-ons, trench boots, floral mix and quilted leather sneakers are the hot trends.

courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo summer 2016 men shoe 
(credits to

Pants and Denim Styles

Pants and jeans (denim or casual) are deemed as basic items and clothing essentials in your wardrobe because of the versatility and comfort that these offer. You can never go wrong with them especially if you find yourself in a mad rush and you are not prepped up on what to wear.

With plenty of styles and multiple ways to wear them, it indeed is a great investment to have the best pairs in different colors, silhouettes and styles in your closet. Well, the good news is -- for pants and jeans lovers (like me) this year is tagged as the year of the pants!

In comparison, last year was the domination of jogger pants, comfortable high-waisted jeans, fashionable denim culottes, flared jeans, denims and patchworks, the new mom jeans, and frayed-hems.

For this year, trendy denim designs include ripped skinny jeans versions, more on 1970's styles with intricate and vintage-inspired details, snug into the slim-fit jeans, boyfriend jeans will still dominate the year, the classic flares with great silhouette are still in, denim culottes, and the timeless boot-cuts.

For men: slim-fit, straight-legged, denim-ripped jeans, washed off, stretched jeans, and rolled-up are still in.

Although some of the above mentioned jean-types are not new when it comes to the fashion trends, the key to make it work through mixing and matching.  

Try to break the monotony by playing with colors this time, and to go with bolder jeans designs. You can also design your own pair through video tutorials available from the different vloggers in YouTube or checking creative ideas through articles that entails the how-tos. Don’t forget the confidence when you strut them on busy streets!

Bags: What to Carry For This Year

But of course, an outfit will never be complete without the bag as the greatest fashion accessory. For bag-lovers who are greatly anticipating the tasteful trends this year, according to Harpers Bazaar, white bags are in for 2016-- along with those with prints, stripes, leathers, geometric patterns and fringes and it goes with classic top handle totes, bucket bags, sling bags, camera bags and pouches and mobile-ready pieces like high-fashion clutches for your favorite smartphones.

top handle bags to dominate this year (photo credits to:

Hot Accessories for This Year

Ready to wear accessories had been keenly observed too in different runway shows that will spice up this year according to Vogue. Big bold earrings intricately designed that go past the shoulder length are definitely the fads for 2016. Explosions of stones and sequins will also be observed either as a detailing in the shoes, bags and hair. Hair jewelry is definitely back as tiaras, heavy-metal headbands and generously adorned hair pieces were donned in the fashion shows. This year will be the revival of the chokers so if you are still keeping those in your jewelry boxes (or maybe your mother or your grandma), then it’s time for them to be in the limelight. Chunky chains and the metal strips will pave way so get those blings ready.

big and bolder drop-down statement earrings and accessories 
(photo credits to:

I hope that I was able to inform you about what to expect this 2016. Mixing and matching is still the key towards effective styling. Play with colors, utilize the power of accessorizing, be bold and creative! Let not fashion dictate you as who you need to be, but make it as a guide to enhance who you are now. Fashion is an art, and what you wear according to your own personality should be your own fashion statement. Lastly, no matter what fashion styles and trends dominate this season, always own it with your confidence!

Have fun!:)

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