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Leveling up your Sales Strategy this 2016

Behind every successful sales person is an in-depth strategy to win through every transaction. Sales strategies must complement the expected results of a business, and must also serve as a continuous commitment to quality service and beneficial ROIs.

The challenge here, however, is the number of products and services vying for the same target you’re aiming for. So, how can you level up your business strategies to be a step ahead? How can you make 2016 another winning year for your business flow?

Common Mistakes in the Sales Department 

Every sales department is filled to the brim with ideas. Unfortunately, days are also filled with lots of disagreements between team members. Regardless if it’s due to competitiveness or pressure, here are some mistakes to avoid when becoming a part of the sales team this 2016:

Not believing in the product 

The goal of sales is obvious and as plain as day: to sell products and services.

As salespersons, you are the company’s front liners in the selling grounds. And to succeed in sales, you must have absolute trust in the product you’re about to sell to the masses.

People nowadays are bombarded with everything sales-related—from the streets to online, sales statements are definitely everywhere.

But, it’s all empty talk and mere promises. What the people want to feel in your sales pitch is that it’s going to be worth the cost and your utmost credibility. The best way to do it? Believe and sell the product as if you’re referring it to your friends.

Not keeping in touch 

In sales, time and urgency is the trick. With the massive popularity of social networking sites, there’s almost no excuse for sales people not to keep in touch with people. Although it’s a hard thing to do, ensuring that opportunity ends meet whether you’re on a break is a must to let people know that you’re very open to answering their questions, as well as eager to sell the product.

What drives most people away from a purchase is the lack of updates and connectivity. Remember, in this modern time, most people find reasons to purchase based on what they’ve read and seen on the Internet.

Hence, you’ll be losing an opportunity to reach out by not updating your prospects through email and social media. Avoid automated and scheduled responses, however, and keep in touch as a sales person, not a bot.

Not including influencers in decision-making 

In every brainstorming and decision-making procedure, most sales people tend to forget about the impact and effect of industry influencers. Nowadays, these influencers are the ‘to-go’ of people needing industry expertise and advisories.

Regardless if it’s marketing or sales, both departments must put these people into mind when coming up with sales innovations, as they have an expanded reach of expertise. Seek their advice and keep in touch with them via social media, as a leveled-up sales strategy is just a click or tweet away.

Becoming the Best When It Comes to Sales 

Among the sea of sales pitches and advertorials, great sales people tend to stray from the usual and follow what’s of benefit both for the product and prospective customers.

Sales people can be great role models, whether in life or for business as usual. Here’s how to become a great sales person this 2016 (and beyond!):

Personalized communication is best 

Millions of sales emails are sent to people every day, where some are automated while some are spam.

An efficient sales person thinks and communicates behind computer-generated responses, as they do each sales pitch and introduction personally.

Write personal emails that tackles how the product can be of benefit to your customers. Include personal experiences, and frequently get in touch with them to form a warm relationship.

Treat your customers as friends, build their trust, and ensure credibility to ultimately become a great sales person.

Focus on the problem 

Pushing various solutions to a customer's face is not a good sales habit. Keep in mind that purchases are made based on product reviews—not just on features.

The product features might be the cherry on top, but put yourself in the shoes of your customer. For instance, when considering a product, you’ll look for problems that you may encounter rather than the features it offers.'

When pitching a product, focus on the problems and issues that your customers may notice on the product. Ask about what they think about it and after that, come up with a proper and an accurate solution.

Customers need someone to talk to about their issues on product usage. Opening up with issues can also be a ground for customers to understand the product better and agree on purchasing.

Work together to form success 

In every company, the sales department may have the most competitive and passionate individuals who work to attain wins for business.

Despite the usual notion that sales can be a one-man duty, teamwork is actually an essential factor. While it is unavoidable that rivalries can be formed in the sales’ line of work, recall that one of your job requirement is to be a team leader.

Set aside antagonism amongst your comrades and leave it only for the next step—figuring out how to win among the sea of competition. The best way to maneuver your ship in the sea is to put teamwork as the top priority. Keep in touch with your team members, avoid toxic work pressures, and competing on who’s going to be the best.

This year, focus your sales strategies on what matters most that is to provide value to your prospective customers and team members.

Author Bio:

Julia Carol Esguerra is a Business Consultant at Bridge Southeast Asia, a business development and client support platform for Technology in Southeast Asia, based in Manila offering cloud-based solutions for Human Resources, Sales, and IT. 

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