Isuzu's Loss is Mitsubishi’s Gain: Why the Principle Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Still Works because of Chef Jun Celis -

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Isuzu's Loss is Mitsubishi’s Gain: Why the Principle Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Still Works because of Chef Jun Celis

It was an experience similar to what Julia Robert’s character suffered in the movie Pretty Woman.  In the movie, Julia’s character was given money to shop but she was not entertained by the sales staff of the fashion boutique she visited due to her attire.  Since the character was a hooker and it showed in her get up, the sales staff presumed she was in the wrong place.  The same thing happened with Reinhard Celis, a chef from Bacolod who went inside an Isuzu sales showroom and requested for a price quote of its DMAX vehicle. He was not only ignored but was turned over to different persons inside the showroom. Probably, the people in the Isuzu showroom thought that he is not rich enough as this chef only wore simple board shorts, plain shirt, and a pair of slippers.

Reinhard Celis and his Mitsubishi Strada
Image from the Facebook page of Reinhard Celis

According to the story shared in Facebook, the chef was very calmed with the whole situation despite being ignored.  Sensing that he won’t be entertained, he did not create a scene and just walked away from Isuzu Bacolod City showroom and called up his bank to place an order for a Mitsubishi Strada instead. It was delivered at his doorstep in 2 hours.  People in Isuzu Bacolod showroom did not recognize that the chef was very famous and is known as The Chef Jun Celis who is also the owner of the popular chain of restaurant Virgelio’s Grill. 

from Facebook page of Reinhard Celis

Image from

As a sales person, I was taught the concept of MAN in selling.  It is an acronym that stands for Money, Authority, and Need.  It simply means that you are dealing with the right person when it comes to sales if he has the money to splurge, authority to buy, and the need.  One should probe a prospect to determine if he or she is the MAN.  In this case, there was a need as Chef Jun volunteered to enter Isuzu Bacolod showroom and requested for a quote.  Common sense dictates that once someone enters your store or any other premises, the right thing to do is to ask what the person wants or why she entered your store in the first place.  By asking, you will be able to know if Chef Jun is your customer or not.

It seems that Isuzu Bacolod did not have the best sales staff in its showroom by just basing on this story.  It probably employed a bunch of reactive instead of proactive employees as they did not bother to entertain a prospective customer based on looks alone.  Or, probably Isuzu did not train their sales people and employees very well because they have a warped sense of introspection when it comes to assessing prospective customers.  Or it is highly possible that Isuzu Bacolod employees are not highly motivated and satisfied as they let a potential customer leave their premises without asking a commitment to buy in the future, if not a sales down payment.

While netizens sympathized with Chef Jun Celis, it is also important to consider the reasons why he suffered that kind of experience at Isuzu.  This might be a wake-up call for Isuzu Bacolod showroom to probe if its people are happy with their work or determine the adjustments needed in order to avoid encountering similar situations in the future.

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