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Bromance on Pinoy Big Brother 737

ABS-CBN is no stranger from situations where its TV programs were found by review board MTRCB as disturbing or questionable. This time around, the top TV network in the land is under the microscopic eyes of the review board and found that the current edition of its reality TV show “Pinoy Big Brother 737” contained disturbing situations on the alleged bromance that is developing between 18 year old male teenager Lorenzo “Kenzo” Gutierrez and a 12 year old pre-teenager Bailey Thomas May. 

Bromance on Pinoy Big Brother 737
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The MTRCB Reaction

According to MTRCB reviewers, they were quite disturbed with some scenes involving the two as it involved (to the words of MTRCB) “flirtatious talks and actions" involving minor housemates.  With this, the movie and TV board has summoned PBB official on what MTRCB called as “developmental conference” as the board received numerous complaints and feedback about this ABS–CBN reality TV show.  In its statement, MTRCB stated that the PBB show has compromised fragile sensibilities and personalities of some minor housemates in the show and further added that the behavior exhibited by these minor housemates might threaten their moral and personal developments.

The ABS–CBN Counterreaction

Of course, ABS – CBN did not take this sitting down and lambasted netizens as being irresponsible for taking screenshots of various live stream images and weave a story that is according to people in the network wa very far from the truth and as a result put these minor housemates in a negative light.  They did not only minced words but also decided to shut down its round the clock streaming of the reality TV show in order to protect the welfare of the housemates. This move is ABS-CBN's way of sending message that they will not tolerate social network abuse. 

Lorenzo “Kenzo” Gutierrez and Bailey Thomas May.
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The Netizens Opinion

The screen grabs indeed made the rounds in Facebook and elicited mostly negative comments and in general, many netizens lamented that the show is not stopping anything in order to win the ratings game.  For them, this situation is just a ploy to generate interest for the reality TV show of the network as it is no longer getting the same high ratings like it used to.  Some even commented that this is probably a strategy for the show to stay in the radar of millions of Filipinos.  One thing which is very common with the comments is that many believed that the images they saw between the two minors involved in the “bromance” isn’t really palatable to their senses.

One psychologist however, categorized the actions of both Bailey and Kenzo as brotherly love as Dr. Randy Dellosa opined that the behavior was just “a deep affection between two males,” he said.  It is quite lonely inside the PBB house; thus, the probable reason for the intimate behavior exhibited between the two minors which is to show support towards each other.  However, one of ABS-CBN's TV directors Wenn DeRamas made a mockery of the psychologists statement saying that he did not see it as brotherly love but rather an obvious sign of homosexuality.

What Should Be Done?

What is interesting with ABS-CBN's reaction was that the network was quick to point out and make an issue out of everyone else’s actions but when it is the butt of attention of many netizens, the network was quick to condemn these people. Thus, there is this question why can’t they face the tune and participate on a comprehensive effort to make the reality TV show worthwhile among millions of TV viewers. Instead of being a cry baby, why not encourage netizens to provide constructive inputs on how to deal with the “bromance” or brotherly affection between Kenzo and Bailey.  To start with, why not let the TV viewers decide if it was really "bromance" or brotherly affection or why not let the TV viewers decide the course of the story?

One More Thing

It is also imperative for the MTRCB to dwell on the appropriateness of a 12 year old being involved in a TV show that is similar to social experiment.  This should be one of the angles that should be taken if it is legal for the show to accept Bailey in this reality TV show.  This is quite ironic considering that the network supports BANTAY BATA 163 yet there is this possibility that they are breaking some legal laws when it comes to protection of minors and children. 

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