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Instagram Models: The Difference Between Whoring and Prostitution

Instagram is indeed an unlikely or likely (depending on your sensibility and expectation) place to host online whoring or prostitution.  

As one of the most popular and highly accessible social media network platform, it is very conducive to this kind of endeavor for several reasons.  

  1. First, reach is no longer local but expands to international.  
  2. Second, it is easy to promote oneself via selfie and likes and tags.  
  3. Third, there is a certain degree of excitement Instagram gives to both client and the sexual service provider where client can search his or her own provider without going to a third party (pimps for that matter) and the provider can also get to choose clients to serve.
Instagram Model
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The Instagram Model

Lately, there has been much talk about the latest brouhaha Instagram is involved with.  This time it is not about nipples but one article made people very curious about the real deal with Instagram models.  These are women who try to look very alluring, sexy, hot, and cool.  However, the real deal about this Instagram model posing with extreme decadence like beside a $100,000 car or carrying several bags or other accessories from premium brand logos, or posing with (supposed) Arabian Sheik for the matter. 

However, there is more to these Instagram models on top of trying to look hot and sexy and accumulating likes or fans.  In an article published by, they exposed the real situation behind and surrounding these Instagram models or some may have them as Internet models.  In one of their posts, they shared a story from one of the blogs they encountered Tag The Sponsor,” where allegedly this blog exposed the shenanigans of most Instagram models are guilty of doing. These Instagram models were not actually role models but are creating templates for online whoring or prostitution.  Many of these models made a living by having a sponsor. This “sponsor” thing is described by the blog as having someone to pay for a trip to where the client is and perform sexual services not only with that one client but also with some of the clients’ friends.’ The blog further described that the sexual services include dehumanizing acts like turning the faces of these Instagram models as portable toilets where clients urinate and defecate to get the money’s worth they spend on such models. 

The Anatomy of Instagram Whoring

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These girls will do anything, even the most disgusting things just to have their vaginas rented. Apparently, rich Saudi nationals for example, will pay these models $10,000 to $50,000 for a two night or two weeks sexual services for him and his friends included.  Because of the insanely high money received, girls are willing to wash their faces with feces and urine from their clients.  It is quite unimaginable for some to think that there are indeed women who are willing to demean themselves just for the sake of money and acquire all the material things that their hearts desire.

The Debate Between Whoring And Prostitution

There are women who are into prostitution who are not happy about Instagram models whoring their way for a grab of rich man’s pockets.  For some female prostitutes, there is a need for a differentiation between what these models do and what prostitution is all about.  There are huge differences between the two not only in terms of spelling and usage but in terms of behavior as well.  

According to some prostitution blogs, women are considered as whores if they use sex to manipulate partners to gain money or control. Whoring then is a term used where a woman manipulates a man to give her money, or refer to the act of enjoying sex, or using sex to cheat or lay with lovers or friends in order to scam them.  Based on this description, one can conclude that the terms whoring and prostitution can mean the same thing as prostitutes can be a whore also.
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But, prostitutes cried foul at this insinuation as they believe that the great divide between prostitution and whoring lies on the intent. Prostitutes became as such due to survival need but not to sell their precious bodies for the purpose of manipulating, controlling, or by just being simply being promiscuous.  In other words, prostitutes sell their bodies just solely for the money, not for fun or pleasure.  According to many prostitutes, they are not gold diggers who manipulate men into giving them money.  Whores on the other hand are gold diggers who search for rich men to subsidize their lifestyle.  Prostitutes are very direct when it comes to providing sexual services.  They will only allow other people to use their bodies provided it involves safety and do not demean their humanity.  This is where the huge difference lies between prostitution and whoring.

It is not right for whoring and prostitution to be used in the same sentence. There are prostitutes who are not promiscuous as not all women who enjoy sex are promiscuous.  

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