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The COC Love Story of Mitoy and Mika: Fact or Fiction?

A few weeks ago, Facebook users were sharing a very interesting story; about a midget guy and a fairly good looking girl.  Many netizens found it hard to believe that there is a love affair going on between these two individuals.  The comments that you read were mostly in disbelief and there were some cruel thoughts insinuating that the girl must be high on drugs or must be insane to fall in love with the guy. 

COC Love Story of Mitoy and Mika
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How the Story Unravelled

The story first found its way in one of the trending sites based in the Philippines.  Initially, there was very little idea on the background of this love story and that the site created a story for them.  In their concocted story, the girl and the guy were part of Clash of Clans gamers and the COC game ignited their love affair when they started sharing their strategies on how to keep up with the game.  And some creative online users managed to create a Facebook page for them; thus, the name Mitoy and Mika.

Then, another trending site managed to uncover the real story between Mitoy and Mika and this time, one of the people behind the trending site got to interview Mika and uncovered their love story.  Indeed the love story was real as Mitoy and Mika have real names; the guy is Pat Esconde Patricio and the girl is Althea Beruya Ronquillo.  According to Althea, their love story started when they were still work colleagues in Makati and their officemates used to tease them.

How Their Love Story Started

At first, she was coy about the teasing until Pat worked his way through her heart by constantly accompanying Althea from office to home without failure.  Then, one day she received a text message from Pat that went like this “Sana akin ka na lang (I wish you were mine).”  Then, Althea replied, “Oo (yes, you can).”  The reasons for the girl loving the guy was that she was really amazed with Pat’s effort accompanying her from Makati office to her home in Taguig, before the guy went home to Alabang. 

Is This Fact or Fiction?

Image from the Facebook page of Althea Beruya Ronquillo

Until their love will find its way in TV programs like Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (June 28 episode)  many online users are doubtful of the veracity of this story.  Those who are cynical with unconditional love or love itself, will find it difficult to swallow the love story between Pat and Althea. Even among the romantics, their love story is difficult to imagine as romance for these people only involved the good looking ones. 

The Real Deal

It is not for us to judge if their love story is fact or fiction. What's important here is that the Mitoy and Mika love story just prove that love is real and it is for everybody.  Love does not discriminate so people like us should not give our myopic points of view about love especially if we failed with love several times.  If we have failed, their love story should serve as an inspiration that there will always be someone who will love us and that is if we only open our minds and hearts and not just our eyes only.  

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