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Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals: Was There A Leak?

Asia’s Got Talent Grand Finals result leak
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It was just a little over 6 PM and millions of Asians and Pinoys specifically (it was reported that Philippines has the largest ratings of this show in the entire region) were anxiously waiting for Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final’s Night slated to be shown at the AXN channel. But their excitement was dampened as news of Philippines shadow dancing group “El Gamma Penumbra” splashed across social media and culprit pointed out to “starmometer” who was presumed to be in the audience when the leak was announced.

While it was indeed the good news Filipinos were craving for, it wasn’t the manner they like to know the results. A huge number of netizens expressed their frustration with the leak as it spoiled the moment for Pinoy viewers who wanted to be surprised and emotionally happy with the results.  For them, watching the show after the leak is akin to watching a rerun of their favorite TV show.

For people who spend quite an ample of time lurking through various social media networks in search of news, stories, images, and videos to share, reactions to leak is quite ironical. First, news are no longer exclusive domain of news networks as people become more engaged online like bloggers; the need to be the first to share is a prime commodity for people like them.  Second, the behavior is confusing when in some events people are indeed looking for leaks like in the case of beauty pageants, boxing, and in other sports. So what gives? Third, it is probably the fault of AXN who opted for delayed telecast; thus, the spoiler.  This is no different from the Pacquiao boxing match shown on GMA Network years ago when the Internet exploded stories that the “Pambansang Kamao” won the fight and the “Kapuso” network was still airing undercard matches. 

Was there really a problem with the leak? Were you affected with it?  Share your stories.

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