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Asia's Got Talent Season 2 Auditions Pre-Registration

A few hours after the first ever Asia's Got Talent grand finals winner was awarded - El Gamma Penumbra, the show had opened the auditions pre-registrations option through their Facebook page. The show's hosts had also announced that there will be a season 2 at the end of the program. 

For Asia's Got Talent season 2, these are my suggestions:
  • more number of episodes; there were only 10 episodes this season
  • more clips of auditions; some were disappointed because they weren't featured on the show
  • live shows for the results night, if not all, to avoid spoiler leaks from geniuses who killed the excitement by posting results before the show was even aired
  • hire interpreters to translate what non-English speaking contestants are saying during live shows
  • AXN to team up with local TV channels around Asia to reach a wider audience
  • an even tempting prize :) 
  • same judges; they were all great! 

To register for the second season, head over to this app on the Asia's Got Talent Facebook page

Now is your chance! 

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