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SkinStation UltraSlim and ThermaShape Package

SkinStation always offer packages that are a match made in heaven, like the combination for their triple treat for acne. Now here’s another perfect pair package for slimming and firming – it’s the UltraSlim and ThermaShape bundle.
UltraSlim and ThermaShape is a perfect pair because the former is used to eliminate fat cells while the latter is used for firming. After destroying fat cells through UltraSlim, the skin tends to sag so it’s just ideal to use a firming procedure like ThermaShape.

SkinStation UltraSlim and ThermaShape Package
Image from SkinStation Facebook page
Expired deals are still available as an Elite member

What is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim uses low frequency ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells (called fatlysis) within a specific area like the arms, bra line, stomach, flanks, saddle bags, thighs and calves (based on the information from their website). This results to fat loss and sculpts the target area as well as improves cellulite appearance. The eliminated fat cells are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system. The effect can be comparable to exercising to help the liver digest fats. But in this procedure, you won’t need to exert physical effort.

UltraSlim lasts for 20 minutes, with 10 minutes allotted for the left and right side of the body area targeted. The assistant will guide the machine’s glider in different directions, applying pressure with each glide. The heat applied is controlled based on how much intensity you can tolerate. The heat is tolerable due to the application of a cooling gel similar to what is applied when you undergo an ultrasound procedure (for women of course).

Other than the heat, the ultrasound waves will also cause sound waves that only the person undergoing the procedure can hear. So it helps to wear a headset and play music while the process lasts. But this depends on what type of machine is used. There are branches which use machines that no longer emit an irritable sound. Other than the sound issue, you may also feel the urge to urinate after it’s done. 

What is ThermaShape?

ThermaShape on the other hand used radio frequency in order to keep the skin tighter and firmer. It shrinks fat cells in size before they are even flushed out through the liver eventually.

The machine used for this procedure is somewhat similar to UltraSlim where the equipment’s tip is guided by an esthetician to glide around the target area (this time it’s any of the following - tummy, thighs, and butt). But instead of a cooling gel, oil is applied instead. I was told they use a special COQ10 oil variant that’s used for its anti-aging properties for this process. 

Like the other machine, the intensity of the heat applied is also based on how much you can tolerate. The duration is longer, 40 minutes all in all with 20 minutes each for the left and the right side of the target area.

My Personal Experience

You can use the Dermax Nano Q lotion
in between sessions
to help with firming
(also available from SkinStation)
The first 3 sessions didn’t cause much of a difference (at least for me) maybe because I didn’t really expected much out of it since I’ve been told that one would start seeing a change only after the fifth session. 

But during the fourth one, I was able to see a noticeable change. The site’s information page was accurate in saying that there will indeed be at least 2 inches of fat reduced immediately after. I brought a tape measure that time and the assistant had hers. We measured and saw 3 inches removed right away. To see the results faster, you have to undergo these treatments every week or every 4 days if possible. Mine had a longer gap for the first 2 sessions.

For the UltraSlim, I was able to withstand the maximum level while for ThermaShape, I can only manage up to 200 (I plan to increase the level with every session remaining). Some are able to take an intensity that’s higher than that. In fact, one obese (sorry for the word) customer had 280-300 and didn’t complain according to one assistant who helped me. Apparently, you will feel less of the heat when you are fatter (or is it)? So those who are already slim may find even a minimal 150 setting too hot. I wonder why anyone very slim would still undergo these procedures? But as per the assistants, some wanted to sculpt even the slightest indication of fat such as love handles or they are wanting to get abs sculpted. 

There are 5 more sessions remaining from the package I've availed of and I'm certain that inches of fat will be removed will be removed every time although I missed 2 weeks already due to conflicting schedules. These procedures will be complemented by a change in diet and exercise lifestyle as well. 

Promo Available

The deal I availed of was the Php 22,500 for 10 sessions. There are other bundles available including an addition of the Mesolight procedure on top of the UltraSlim and ThermaShape. Payment is available in cash or credit card with 6, 12, or even 24 months installment depending on what card is used and the total amount of the package you have availed of. There are also other slimming and firming procedures you can try and packages you can avail of (may need to be an Elite member in order to avail of expired promos). See Slimming/Firming services from the SkinStation website

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