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Top 6 Worst Acting Singers of All Time

          Musical celebrities are always expected to hit the screen once they become popular or well known.  It is something of a challenge for them and the movies is one media that they hope to expand their popularity with.  Some of the most successful musical performers who invaded movies were Frank Sinatra who eventually won best supporting actor award in the 1950’s and Diana Ross who received an acting nomination in the movie “Lady Sings the Blues.”

          But there more who were not successful and some of them landed in the all-time list of worst actors or movie performers.  Here are the top seven on the list.


She sold millions of records and she set record breaking tours but her magic with music did not extend to movies.  She has starred in quite a number of critically panned movies like “Swept Away” and “Body of Evidence.”  Critics were in unison saying she just don’t know how to act.  The only best acting moments she can be proud is when she is portraying a character similar to herself like in “Evita,” “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and “A League of their Own.”

Mariah Carey

Worst Acting Singers of All Time
          She survived a nervous breakdown following her infamous take on the movie “Glitter.”  While she may have recovered her lost glory in the movie “Precious,” it never erased the stigma of acting in a bad movie. 


He wanted to exploit his sex symbol status when he played one of the characters who scammed money from rich women in the movie “Under the Cherry Moon.”  Prince is a classic case that sex in music is really different with sex in the movies.  He did not possess the right facial characteristics to be credible with the character he portrayed in the movie. 

Chris Isaak

After the hit song “Blue Hotel,” the singer is neither here nor there.  The same goes with the roles that he played in movies.  Think of him as the stupid clown in “Married to the Mob,” Uncle Bob in “The Thing That You Do,” and as a Swat Commander in “The Silence of the Lambs.”  Yep, you hardly remember him with such dead performances.

Britney Spears

          She tried to be a Madonna in the movie “Crossroads” but she did not pull it well.  It was good that she did not make any other attempt acting in movies.  Her videos are badly acted already and she should improve these first before attempting to be part of movies. 

Elvis Presley

          The pretty face just could not show the right kind emotion.  He was badly beaten and bruised in “King Creole” yet we could see a smirk or was that a smile on his face?  Just like Madonna, the King of Rock and Roll ruled the music world but cannot spell the same magic with movies. 

          Clearly, you cannot rule two worlds at the same time. Sometimes it simply doesn't work.  These singers have shown that they are better off showing their musical talents than their acting skills, if they have any.

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