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Teenage Heartbreak: How To Have Your Shattered Pieces Back

Scientifically, our heart is the most hard-working muscle. Without our heart, we cannot live. It is such a vital organ where blood is being circulated throughout our entire body that the rest of our body systems are dependent on how it functions. It pumps up oxygen for our survival. And we have our heartbeat to indicate that per second it is at work.

The heart holds a special place. It is a dwelling place of exuberant love and compassion, of joy and happiness, of hope and peace. That’s why when we talk about the heart; sometimes we even tend to forget its scientific functions because we are thinking otherwise of it as a collective psyche.

And yet once broken into pieces, it can also be a nest of anger, confusion, disappointment, hatred, grief and pain.

The hardest phase a teenager can ever face is dealing with heartache due to a break-up and how to overcome it. It is a dreaded stage because a lot of them weren't exposed yet to real pain and how to mend the wound. Teenagers, in the first place are vulnerable as they are just embracing the sense of maturity and independence, breaking free from their childhood and innocence.

What You Need to Know About Heartbreak

Everyone, at one point in their lives experienced break-ups, broken into pieces, especially when a romantic relationship which they thought will last forever suddenly ended. There is a nagging, intense feeling of being down, tormented and lonely. The pain is so brimming that you want to shout so everybody will know how much you are suffering yet don't have the courage to do so as you find yourself in the weakest, darkest, gloomiest point of your life and it is really dragging you down; where you hated silence as it just echoes the emotions that you are nursing and it vibrates to its loudest pitch; where you are thankful that it is night time as you will cry silently, your pillow and the four-wall room will be your muted witnesses.  You are not alone.

The thing is, heartbreak, no matter what caused it (romantic relationship that ended up, a strong love that you felt for someone but wasn't reciprocated, first love-first heartbreak, friendship that ended or abandoned, rejection over an intense desire of winning over it, or even losing someone or something) will always be the same—you still have to deal with this pain. And it sucks!

teenage heartbreak
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How Will You Overcome it?

Here are suggestions that you can do especially if the heartbreak is already too hefty to bear:

Acknowledge the Pain

The healing process starts with acknowledging the pain. You might say, well I am already in pain! I know what pain is, what are you talking about? According to wellbeingalignment.com,

Not always. Many of us have a surprising amount of emotional trauma in our energy field that lies below our conscious awareness. In some cases we might be aware of some of the symptoms of an energetic wound within us, but we are unconscious of its deeper CAUSE – a core place of constriction where Life Force feels blocked.”

Most often than not, teens hide the strands of their emotional torments by going on with their lives. They hide the pain because they are scared to face its stings. That’s why many of them conform into self-denial. But at the end of the day, the pain is still there. It just doesn't go.

When you acknowledge the pain, you are also embracing your vulnerability and the best way to cope with it is to take time to know yourself and understand the cause of it. It will enable you to find your own inner strength. With that, you will get to know yourself more and will even be surprised of how capable you are of mending your broken heart and be whole again.

Of course it will not be done overnight. Finding your own balance and inner peace takes time. Be patient with yourself.When you thought that you will never be happy again, time will definitely help you heal the wound and you will have those lovely smiles back!

Talk About it

teenage heartbreak
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There is no exact word on how to best describe pain. One thing is for sure, it is indeed very hard nursing it alone. Sharing the heartbreak with someone close or dear to you (best friend, family member, church mate) or someone who is ready to listen, someone you can trust (teacher or a counselor) can ease out the burden.

Talk things through, cry over it, pour out your heart. As they say, “ two heads are better than one”, so is the heart. It will be very comforting when you let yourself be heard and let them help you to ease the loss.

Take note though to respect what they have to say (they might be giving you pieces of advice that are the exact opposite of what you are expecting them to say in order to comfort you, or what they might suggest will be more hurtful) but giving their honest opinion, especially if they had experienced it before will give you a greater picture of how you will see the break-up clearly in a different perspective. In the first place, you opened up your wound because you trusted them.

Entrust it to the Lord

This is the best solution a teenager can do in order to accept things and to move on. God is a true Promise Keeper; He is the Prince of Peace. Whatever you entrust to God, He will take care of it. In the first place, we are His children; He is the Creator of Life.

You have to understand that your heartaches and heartbreaks and all other things that are upside down were there to test your faith, to strengthen your hold with God.

You may pass through deep waters, but God is always with you. There is always hope in a hopeless situation when you surrender the pain and all of your despair to Jesus. And by entrusting everything to the Lord, it will soon lead to acceptance and forgiveness not only to the person or situation that caused the pain, but to forgive your own self as well. There is no greater love than the unconditional love that God has to offer.

Matthew 5:4   “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Teenage heartbreaks and break-ups no matter how hard it is can be dealt by grace. It is a passage to prepare you towards the greater lessons in life. It is a part of growing up. So just be strong. Lift your chin high and believe that there is always someone meant for you who will come along and will make you feel that the pain is so worth it as he or she makes you whole again. Or, take this chance to know yourself more in order to understand what you really want in life. Pain is there to be felt, and pain can always be surpassed. Life is good despite of its welts.

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