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Top Fashion Garments and Accessories Popularized by Fashion Icons

          A celebrity becomes a fashion icon by just wearing a single piece of item for it to become associated with him or her.  Over the years, numerous fashion icons have and come and gone and only a few remained in our consciousness because of the accessories or clothes linked with them.  Let us enumerate some of these icons and what they are famous for.

Marlon Brando and the White T-Shirt

  Before “A Street Car Named Desire” was released, rarely do you see a screen actor, much more the images of man wearing a white shirt.  When Brandon was seen with this basic essential for men, many female fans realized that it was too sexy to see a man wearing it.  Thus, Brando earned the distinction of making the white shirt very popular.

Madonna and Cone Bra

She has worn almost every imaginable fashion get up and accessories but the cone bra remains one of the most iconic fashion undergarments of all time.  It first gained appearance in her video “Open Your Heart” and soon she was wearing it most of the time in her “Blond Ambition Tour.”  A reinvented version was seen of late in her current “MDNA World Tour.”

Michael Jackson and the Glove

Top Fashion Garments and Accessories Popularized by Fashion Icons
          The glove that Michael Jackson wore became a fashion curiosity.  People wanted to know what lies underneath the glove.  They were suspecting needle traces and other possible medical complications.  Even after his death, no revelations were made why he kept on wearing gloves until his demise.  

Farrah Fawcett and the Hair

She sold more than a million posters wearing an American flag inspired swimsuit but it was the hair that made her.  In fact, the fly away lock was named as “Farrah Do” and thousands of women were inspired and had their done the same way like she did. 

Bo Derek and the Beaded Hair

The movie “Ten” made women amazed on how her hair was beautifully constructed and even when wet, it stayed the same.  It was a fashion craze at that time.  But only she can dare wearing beaded hair totally while those who followed can only manage to do same on a few strands of their hair. 

Jane Fonda and the Thighs and Leotards

            She left a legacy not only with her award winning movies in “Klute” and “Coming Home” but also with aerobics.  She made the exercise famous and she was visible at that time wearing her exercise outfit.  Who would have thought that the dreaded thighs and leotards can become a must have outfit with thousands of women parading it?

Tom Cruise and Ray Ban

Top Gun made Tom Cruise and Tom Cruise revived the aviator glasses.  It was not the undies that he wore in “Risky Business” that left a memorable mark among millions of moviegoers. It was the sight of him looking like an alien with huge eyes in that air force movie which made millions of female fans swoon over him. A large majority of the male population on the other hand copied his act. 

          Yes, you don’t need to have diamonds and pearls to be a fashion icon.  A simple accessory or garment will do the trick for you especially if you are already a popular star.

Contributed by:  Alden I. Bula 

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